October 30, 2013

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At Joshua Seventh-day Adventist Church in Texas, at least one child is recruited each Sabbath to sing “God Has a Plan for My Life” just before the children’s story. Three-year-old Kevin volunteered one Sabbath and brought more attention than usual as he sang:

“God has a pwan for my wife;

God has a pwan for my wife;

I just can’t wait to see

What’s in store for me, for

God has a pwan for my wife.”

—Lisa Ward, Joshua, Texas

Camp Meeting Memories

In August 2012, while we were at Mvurwi camp meeting, the unexpected happened. It was when the evening speaker, evangelist Mavezere, was about to make a “call” that someone shouted “Snake! Snake!” from the rocky terraces. The youth, who had been warned earlier to sit at the front to avoid mischief, came running toward the pulpit as if convinced by the sermon to turn to the Lord without delay.

It was later realized that someone had fallen asleep during the sermon, had a nightmare, and thus shouted in his sleep. When he was aroused by the noise of the other youth running for their lives, he also ran in horror. Fortunately, only minor injuries were incurred. 

I came up with a warning to avoid future error: “Sleeping may be hazardous to your health!” 

—Thomas Chitowe, Guruve, Zimbabwe

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