December 15, 2018


This baby born in Bethlehem was both like and unlike every other child —a life so rare, so richly valuable, that still we grope at language's edge for words to tell His story, and for names by which to worship Him. 

He chose fragility, this Lord who once threw stars and galaxies around like pebbles on a beach, so that the powerless would know how well He understands their lives.

He entered our dry dustiness where weakness and reliance meet—because grace trusts, grace hopes, grace makes new covenants when all about us are breaking theirs.  

He chose dependence—releasing Himself, abandoning authority, the majesty, the throne.  

Christ placed Himself quite literally in our hands, so that—through grace—we might one day learn to place ourselves entirely in His.  

Stay in His hands. And stay in grace.