July 14, 2010

Second Business Meeting

DENNIS SAND: Our dear heavenly Father, I want to thank You for the opportunity You give us to be here together as one church. Lord, You have brought us from many places of the world, and You have a purpose, and we have a mission. As we meet this afternoon to deal with the business of Your church, help us to keep us focused; help us to remember the mission that You have given us, and help us, Father, to be united as one body. We want to finish the work that You have given us, and we want to go home soon to live with You forever. Be the leader of this meeting, Father. We ask all this in the precious and glorious name of Jesus. Amen.

BENJAMIN SCHOUN: Thank you for that fine music. We are really treated here at the General Conference session with wonderful musicians from all around the world.

Well, the caucuses have finished their work, and in just a few moments we will see the results of those caucuses. Our technicians believe they have solved the voting device problem. I think we can move forward.

OK. We’ve gathered here now with the results of the caucuses. And the people in Secretariat have the names put on the screen. And you’ll have a chance to read down through those names from the various divisions, and then we will take a motion to approve this group as the Nominating Committee. So just take a few moments to review these names as they’re paged through.

OK. I have one——first of all, let’s get the motion on the floor. Is there a motion to approve this list of names as the Nominating Committee?

It’s moved.

I hear a second.

GINA BROWN: My question is the gender breakdown of the committee.

[Questions were asked about the gender breakdown.]

JULIO MENDEZ: I’m suggesting to the Secretariat that if you take time for the Secretariat to segregate who are men and women, who are old and young, maybe we would request the representatives coming from the different divisions and organizations who will compose the Nominating Committee just to stand. And then we will identify how many men and how many women, and we can also identify whether they are young or once young, and then we will know the composition of the Nominating Committee.

BENJAMIN SCHOUN: Thank you. I do have some numbers here for you; and that is that there are 218 male members of the proposed Nominating Committee and 34 female members of the Nominating Committee, for a total of 252.

We also have the age numbers here. Five under 30. Ten are between 30 and 39; 63 are between 40 and 49. One hundred two are between 50 and 59. Six are 70-plus. Sixty-six are in their 60s.

RAY HARTWELL: There was no constitutional or bylaw provision mandating any kind of age or gender in regard to the makeup of the Nominating Committee. So while I’m very sympathetic——very sympathetic——to the issue that was raised, I do believe that there was nothing given to the caucuses to specify that they needed to have a specific age or gender.

Henceforth, Mr. Chairman, I move the previous question.

BENJAMIN SCHOUN: We have a second. That kind of motion does not allow for discussion, and so we must go directly to the vote, moving the previous question.

That means that we cease debate and discussion.This motion is to determine if you want to close debate.

OK. Let’s try the voting devices. If you are in favor of the closing of debate, please indicate by pressing number 1 at the proper time. And if you do not want to close debate, press number 2.

We are about ready. The time clock will begin.

You can now vote.

You have 20 seconds yet to finish voting.

Time is about up.

OK. Yes. We have more people voting this time, 962 versus 71. So we are closing debate. And we will vote on the original motion to accept the names that have been presented before us as members of the Nominating Committee.

[The membership of the Nominating Committee was voted.]

Now I want to give some instructions to those who are members of the Nominating Committee. Please listen carefully. If your name is on that list and you’re a member of the Nominating Committee, as soon as we adjourn this session you need to go to room KL, which is in the back corner to my left, your right. And that is the room where the Nominating Committee will do its work, and you need to go there for some preliminary information.

And at 9:00 p.m., after the evening program, there will be an organizational meeting for those of you who are members of the Nominating Committee. So please remember those two times. As soon as we adjourn go to that room. Second, at 9:00 p.m. you will have an organizational meeting so that you can get started tomorrow morning.

That is the end of our agenda for this afternoon. I thank you for all your participation, and we would like to close this meeting with a benediction.

SHOKU TSUJI: Let us all stand for prayer.

[Praying in native language.]

BENJAMIN SCHOUN: Thank you. Have a good supper, and please be back here for the evening program. You won’t want to miss it.



Proceedings Editors

Session Actions

60th General Conference Session July 2, 2015, 4:30 p.m.


VOTED, To end discussion on the Nominating Committee Appointment.


VOTED, To appoint the following as members of the standing Nominating Committee for the 2015 General Conference Session: 

 Abali, Comfort
Abraham, Raju
Acevedo del Villar, Cesario
Akombwa, Harrington
Altink, Willem
Alvarado Benavides, Washington
Alyeksyeyenko, Viktor
Annan-Nunoo, Christopher
Arciniegas Naranjo, Yovany
Arco, Stanley
Aromaki, J Kalervo
Asekun-Olarimoye, Esther
Asoy, Leonardo
Assembe Minyono, Valere
Assienin, Salomon
Badu, James
Baildam, John
Baliki, Aho
Baloyo, Rudy
Bana, Abel Anak
Barnes, Clare
Barnett, Ed
Battle Brooks, Renee
Beckett, John R
Bezares Lopez, Magdalena
Bindas, Stephen
Biscaro, Reynaldo
Brandão, Alijofran
Brill, Debra
Brink, Penelope L
Brown, Everett
Brown, Kabelo
Buor, Daniel
Burgos, Victor
Burt, Christine
Byilingiro, Hesron
Byrd, Carlton
Caceres Lungo, Alvaro
Caicedo Solis, Juan
Calderon Miranda, Irving
Calvo Manso, Jesus
Cano, Ramiro
Caporal, Pierre
Cardoso, Antonio
Castillo, Ernest
Castillo, Ismael
Catane, Agapito
Cecil, Germaine
Cerdá, Marcelo
Cesano, M Gabriel
Chekelek, Nikolay
Choga, Micah
Costa, Myrna
Cruz, Deola
Culmore, Wayne
Danso-Abeam, Kwaku
De Abreu, Ruben
De Gracia, Jose
de Lima, Jose
de Sousa, Domingos
Dina, Uwankwera
Ditta, Michael
Doss, Cheryl
Duffy, Jonathan
 Dulan, Garland
Espinoza, Tomas
Folkenberg, Robert
Fournier, Frank
Frederick, Roderick
Galeon, Bienvenido Jr.
Galusha, Dale
Garcia Arroyo, Ever
Gayoba, Francisco
Gerard, Karasira
Gill Krug, Carlos
Golay, James
Gollakoti, Nageshwar Rao
Graham, Ricardo
Grassl, Christian
Guerrero, Alvaro
Hachalinga, Passmore
Handysides, Allan R
Hart, Richard
Heidinger Zevallos, Edward
Heinrich, Gene
Henry, Bertie
Henry, Clerveus Anneus
Herinirina, Jasmin
Houghton, Daniel
Inada, Yutaka
Jadhav, Ramesh
Jagadhane, Vijay Jacob
James, Kaggya
Jennah ep. Poligadoo, Nicole
Jennah, David
Jernigan, Don
Jiao, Wang Xin (Daniel)
Johannsson, Johann
Johnson, Leonard
Johnson, Mark
Johnson, Vivian
Jonas, Carlos
Kalbermatter, Ignacio
Kampen, Inna
Kemp, Bradley
Kenaope, Kenaope
Kim, Dae Sung
Kim, Daesong
Kim, SiYoung
King, Donald
King, Luis
Kisile Mikuo, Olive
Klingbeil, Chantal
Knight, G. Earl
Kook, Shurman
Krasilnikov, Igor
Kulakov, Victor
Kuyama, Frackson
Kwanin, Kwame
Kwegelah, Daud
Kyte, Robert
Lakra, Ezras
Larmie, Samuel
Laurent, Max-Rene
Lazaro Carballo, Benjamin
Lee, Myun Ju
Lee-Nam, Young Ja
Lekundayo, Godwin
 Lemon, Thomas
Letseli, Tankiso
Licite, Aira
Lima, Mauricio
Livesay, Don
Lopes, Marlinton
Lozano, Leonel
Luxton, Andrea
Lyan, Kelly
Maangi, Jonathan
Maena, Kenneth
Majoi, Jose
Mallikarjunaiah, Ravindra Shankar
Mambu, Amelius Tommy
Marques, Jose
Martinelli, Mario
Maruta, Alemu
Mawa, Clement
Mbayo, Maloba
Mendez, Julio
Moacir da Silva, Moises
Mok, Joshua
Moldovanu, Andrei
Moore, Larry
Moorooven, Hensley
Morel, Hubert
Moses, Garikapati
Moyo, Makhosiwonke
Muchanga, Girimoio
Mueller, Anne-May
Muhune, Robert
Munteanu, Cristian
Munyangabe, Emmanuel
Munyumbwe, Vanny
Musema, Noah
Musija, Zlatko
Mutero, Andrew
Mwakalonge, Magulilo
Naether, Johannes
Navarro Perez, Ignacio
Nebblett, Natasha
Nsabiyaremye, Jethron
Nyaga, Frederick
Obando, Abimael
Ocsai, Tamas
Odibo, Chioma
Omari, Stella
Ostrovski, Moisei
Ott, Rubin
Oyeleke, Owolabi
P, Antony Patrick
Pacheco, Abel
Pacheco, Manuel
Palacio, Julio
Panayotov, Ventsislav
Paris, Stefano
Pavlik, Mikulas
Peranginangin, Joseph
Perez Reyes, Aldo
Perez, Carmen
Pinto, Luis Mario
Pollard, Leslie
Pomaleu, Geoffrey
Porto, Volnei
 Proffitt, Kathryn
Pusey, Dexter
Queiroz, Geovani
Rambob, Gaddam
Ramos Lagos, Adan
Randriamampionona, Joseph Parfait
Redondo Ramirez, Edgar
Reyna, Moises
Rice, Leigh
Ricketts, Alyssa
Roberts, Randall Lee
Rodrigues, Antonio
Rodriguez Muniz, Jose
Rodriguez, Josney
Roger, Guy
Romanov, Vladimir
Romero, Daniel
Rono, Philip
Roshchupkin, Aleksandr
Ruiz, Wilfredo
Sakul, Noldy
Sanchez Ruiz, Jose
Sanchez Umanzor, Victor
Sangoma, Ireen
Santiago, Leonino
Santos, José
Schwarz, Alexander
Shimada, Masumi
Siburian, Esron
Siguelnitzky, Dario
Silva, Helder
Slusher, Dennis
Smith, Ron
St Pierre, Mathias
Stanley, Chester
Swaminathan, Karunakaran
Taraniuk, Zhan
Tegene, Fesaha
Thangavelu, Jeyaraj
Thason, Samuel
Thomas, Ben
Tobias, Kern
Tomei, Milagros
Torkelsen, Max
Torres de Dios, Tomas
Tostes, Antonio
Townend, Glenn
Trajkovski, Djordje
Trecartin, Homer
Udoh, Bassey
Vega Ramirez, Ruth
Velasco, Rabi
Wanitschek, Rainer
Weigley, Dave
Will, Evelyn
Winston, William
Wlodarczyk, Zofia
Zahn, Gilmar
Zimik, Barnabas
Zinke, E Edward