July 15, 2010

Actions and Proceedings

The Adventist Review has served the Seventh-day Adventist Church as the official record of the deliberations of its General Conference sessions since the denomination was organized in May 1863. Believers around the world look to this record to understand the shaping of policies, the election of key leaders, and the development of mission initiatives. The record provided in the pages of the Adventist Review is that supplied by the official record-keeping office of the church, the General Conference Secretariat, and is published without abridgement by the Adventist Review.

As the church has dramatically expanded in the past few decades, the volume and scope of the records of its quinquennial sessions has also greatly expanded, particularly when there have been discussions about and revisions to some of the church’s organizing documents.

At the 2015 General Conference session, the Adventist Review and General Conference Secretariat are working closely to provide a prompt and accessible record of the actions and proceedings of each day’s business meetings through both print and Web delivery.