July 6, 2015

WIN! Wellness GC Session Booth

John and Millie Youngberg, both doctors, Andrews University professors emeriti, and 24-year directors of Family Life International, have devoted their lives to serving God through education. Their endeavor for the past 13 years, with son and coauthor Wes Youngberg, is WIN! Wellness: a nonprofit organization focused on the promotion of healthful living and prevention of disease in families and communities.

According to the organization’s Web site, the primary goal of WIN! Wellness is “to help equip health and family leaders to serve in communities worldwide, promoting wholistic health within a spiritual setting.” The organization does this by authoring and presenting materials and training seminars around the globe. Their Homes of Hope and Health series has been designed specifically for worldwide distribution—for individuals and small group learning as well as for use in major seminars and for the media. All their published materials, including the home series and their 2015 book, Jesus: Who Is He? are available at the WIN! Wellness booth at the General Conference session (C1733).

For the Youngbergs, it isn’t about earning a dime. “All of it goes back into the work,” said John. It’s about spreading the Word through a wholistic approach—with Jesus at its center.

This book, designed to be read and shared, contains 20 heart-touching episodes or stories from Jesus’ life—with “a modern twist.” Adventist artist Nathan Greene illustrated the book; it includes black and white illustrations at each chapter head, a never before published color print of Greene’s “Resurrection,” and his masterpiece of Christ’s second coming, “The Blessed Hope.”

A little more than two years ago the Youngbergs were in Pune, India, at training meetings. After presentations they had a prayer group. “A man wanted to talk to us,” explained John. “I asked him what his prayer request was, and he said just two words: ‘More Jesus.’ That said it all, and that’s what the world needs today: more of Jesus.”

That inspired the Youngbergs to write the book, which complements three other books, from the unique perspectives of Jesus’ friends and acquaintances. And one chapter is told in Jesus’ words from Scripture.

“The book has been such a blessing to us that all the work put into it has already been repaid. All Scripture reading really boils down to who Jesus is. . . . This book highlights Jesus as the healer. Jesus restores health—that’s what these books tend to be about, and we present Jesus as the healer. Mind, spirit, body—Jesus is at the center.”

Visitors to the booth can purchase all of the WIN! Wellness books and materials, with a deep discount for bulk purchases. The Youngbergs hope that their materials are used in small group settings, as they believe this is the best way to share the message.

And the acronym “WIN!”? It means “wellness integrating needs.” The name, and all it represents, is an incredible story that the Youngbergs will be happy to explain to booth visitors.