July 6, 2015

Hart Research Center

Hart Research Center, originally formed in the late 1980s, is, according to its Web site, “a creative think tank challenged with developing resources to facilitate the personal evangelism process throughout the Southeastern California Conference.”

Its first resource offerings included Bible studies designed to be personal and easily accessible, along with video training seminars with Pastor Mark Finley—which marked the first time Finley was on camera.

From there Hart Research, whose name originally sprang from the acronym H.A.R.T., which stands for Harvest 90 Adventist Research Task Force, reorganized into the independent nonprofit communication ministry that it is today. Projects include creative collaborations with well-known Adventists Charles Bradford, Mark Finley, Dwight Nelson, Ron Halvorsen, Russell Burrill, Cliff Goldstein, and others.

Satellite evangelism, first made popular in the mid 1990s, became an important element in Hart Research Center’s projects. Hart provided support and training for the inaugural Net ’95 campaign, Net ’96, and other satellite events that followed.

Hart Research acquired Color Press (formerly owned by Walla Walla University) in 1998. In 2005 Hart formalized a distribution agreement with Review & Herald Publishing Association to concentrate on the distribution of evangelism-focused products. Three Angels Global Networking (TAGnet) also joined the Hart family of companies in 2005. TAGnet catered to organizations such as Adventist schools and churches and eventually formed a new software platform called netAdventist. netAdventist was gifted to the General Conference in 2007, which resulted in the creation of a new in-house entity that now oversees netAdventist. The platform is now used in five different continents in more than 30 countries.

Hart Research Center recently released Dr. Wes Youngberg’s book
Goodbye Diabetes. It will be at on sale at Adventist Book Center on site at the General Conference (GC) session, with a few copies available at their booth B136. To watch a video about the book’s life-changing capabilities, visit http://vimeo.com/120611986.

In Adventist circles, Hart Research Center is most likely best known for its collaboration with Adventist artist Nathan Greene, who was initially contacted to work on cover art for a Dwight Nelson book. Founder and president Daniel Houghton, after viewing Greene’s portfolio, commissioned a book cover on the spot. Hart Research then began a longstanding relationship representing Greene through the marketing and distribution of his work, which is on display at their booth.

“It is our hope that individuals who are visiting the exhibit hall and come by the Nathan Greene art exhibit, which is part of Hart Classic Editions, will be incredibly blessed as they see images coming off paper and canvas to the souls of people, right where God can influence them the most,” says Houghton.

Many Adventists are likely familiar with Greene’s paintings “Chief of the Medical Staff,” “The Blessed Hope,” and “The Healer.” At this GC session, “The Resurrection,” will be unveiled—the first time this work has ever been seen in public. GC sessions have proved to be excellent venues for promoting Greene’s work and Hart Research Center’s mission.

“At previous sessions we have had all kinds of people come up and say ‘How can I get this for my Sabbath school, home, or office?’ says Houghton. “Many people use this artwork as a witnessing tool because there is a subtle element to it. This is just a very classy way of sharing faith and that’s the kind of feedback we’ve gotten by thousands from all of our exposures at previous General Conference sessions.”

Hart’s mission of empowering anyone interesting in sharing the gospel through personal, relevant, and unique resources, continues to guide their ever-expanding roster of projects and initiatives today. Their booth in the exhibition hall is located at B136.

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