February 24, 2022

Pray for Peace

Adventist Review editors

"My heart is breaking."

We’ve heard the phrase a dozen times today as media report the Russian assault on Ukraine.

We’ve heard it from Russians, Ukrainians, Guyanese, Britons, Argentinians and Americans—all who grieve in dreadful anticipation of the news that inevitably follows: bombed-out homes; destroyed churches; orphaned children; devastated families. There are no winners when the world goes to war—only those who lose their moral compass and their right to lead.

We are witnessing on a global stage the recurring drama of unredeemed human nature, for it lies in every human heart to seek domination, exert control, and bend others to our will. Sometimes that happens in the smaller theater of workplaces and homes: sometimes it explodes for all the world to see.

And so we must pray for ourselves—for our own sinful natures—even as we intercede on our knees for those who are innocent of aggression, politics, and violence. We pray for others—both warmakers and their victims—better when we pray from a deep awareness of how much we all need grace that only God can give.

For more than 170 years, this magazine has invited Adventists around the world to pray for peace—in world wars and regional conflicts; in racial violence, and in theological controversies.

It is the one thing we can do when our hearts are breaking.

Pray with us now:

Father of all—lover of Ukrainians and Russians, the culpable and the innocent, those waving olive branches and those brandishing weapons—we pray for what this world most needs: the coming of the Prince of Peace.

We know You feel each wound, each grief—that even as we hurl words and shells, Your Spirit still strives with all. We plead for peace—that no more blood will be shed; that no more children will be homeless; that those who seek to rule others will be made to acknowledge Your rulership over the nations.

Protect Your people—for they are all Your people, wherever they live; whatever language they speak; by whatever name and language they call out to You for help and aid.

May those who own the name of Christ be carrying His banner, and may their efforts be blessed with lessening violence, with renewed peacemaking, with safety for the mission of Your church.

We pray as those who depend entirely on Your goodness and Your control.

In the name of Him who is our peace—Amen.

Bill Knott, Editor

Lael Caesar, Associate editor

Gerald Klingbeil, Associate editor