March 28, 2020

Did God Send COVID-19 and Should Governments be Able to Close Churches?

Adventist Review continues its Pivot Points series with an episode titled “Saved and Sound.” Four theologians discuss questions about the relationship of COVID-19 and theology. What does the pandemic tell us about God? Did He bring the COVID-19 pandemic upon the world? Is this pestilence only meant for unbelievers? Do governments have a right to tell local churches not to gather? 

Our guests are Rahel Wells, associate professor of Hebrew Bible at Andrews University; Frank Hasel, associate director of the Biblical Research Institute at the world headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church; and Lael Caesar, associate editor at Adventist Review Ministries. The conversation is facilitated by Gerald Klingbeil, associate editor at Adventist Review Ministries

Once again, we hope that you will find the conversation clear, informative and hopeful and that you will share it with others.