Southern Asia-Pacific Youth Ministries Focus on Evangelism and Nurturing

Outreach initiative seeks not only to baptize converts but also to help them grow.

An Urgent Call for Prayer

President of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, Ted N.C. Wilson, urges all members to pray for our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe.

Early Intervention for Clubfoot Gives a New Spring to Baby’s Steps

In Kenya, A Better World has launched a project to improve the lives of families affected.

Growing Organic Mushrooms in Myanmar

A 17-year-old shares what she learned thanks to ADRA’s education initiative.

In Pandemic Year, School in Australia Rejoices Over Multiple Baptisms

Brisbane Adventist College overcame challenges to nurture students spiritually.

Young Professional Voices Honors LLUH Nurse Leader

In 2021, Allison Ong led the move from the outdated hospital building to brand-new facilities.

Children’s Show Will Celebrate Its 100th Episode

The King’s Kids has brought the story of Jesus into thousands of homes, leaders say.

In Search of Restoration

North American Division will hold mental health and wellness summit, provide resources.

Low Self-esteem Cited as Major Challenge to Australian Kids

Adventist food company seeks to create more awareness of mental well-being.

Loma Linda’s Murrieta Enters Second Decade with Numerous Accolades

“With God’s blessing, our greatest days are yet to come,” leader says.

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