House Call

Take a Break

For optimal brain functioning, we need both focus and unfocus.

The Big Lunch and “Afternoon Sleeping Sickness”

After-meal drowsiness may be affected by meal timing and regularity, meal quantity, and meal composition—not just your individual characteristics.

L-O-N-G Covid

Following the God-given lifestyle that optimizes our immune resilience and observing prudent public health measures are still effective.

Cholesterol . . . Again?

The relevance of adopting healthful-living practices to reduce cholesterol to appropriate levels is far from over.


To nuke or not to nuke.

Tubby Tummy?

Beware of belly fat!

Helpful, Healing Hope

Circumstances can force us to our knees, but sometimes that’s the best posture in which to grow and sustain hope.

In Tune With Music

Does music affect health?

Good Sports

Being fit requires more than just exercise; it also requires a healthful lifestyle.

Shifty Shifts—Slippery Slope!

You may be able to reduce the severity of the impact of shift work on your health and well­being.

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