November 10, 2011

Give & Take

Adventist Life
2011 1532 page13Our 4-year-old granddaughter, Ella, very often has a hard time putting her mind to rest at bedtime. One night after listening to Ella talk nonstop for an hour, her mommy thought she was just about asleep. 
Mommy was ready to climb out of the bed when Ella turned and said: “I just don’t get it. If God and Jesus are the same person, do they have something sticky that keeps them together?”  A great opener for a Bible story!
—Carol Dodge, Battle Ground, Washington
Sound Bite
“Worship is turning to that which your heart trusts and values most.”
?—Pastor Elvis Mogoi in a series of sermons about worship at the West Wilmington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Delaware
Camp Meeting Memories
The Wisconsin camp meeting location has a long paved walkway. When I stand at the end of the walkway and look down to the other end, many memories come back to me. I remember walking that path with my future wife, Charlyn, when we were teenagers. I probably wasn’t thinking it at the time, but I’m thinking it now: God is so good to me.
2011 1532 page13There is a hill on the pathway. I remember taking my children, Adele and Jared, to their meetings in a wagon. When we got to that hill, I would jump in the wagon and ride down the hill with them. I can still hear their laughter ringing through the trees. I remember thinking: God is good to me.
I remember my daughter, Adele, wanting to walk to kindergarten by herself for the first time. I
followed her along the walkway, hiding behind trees and cabins close enough so I could see her, but far enough so she could not see me. She knew the way. I remember thinking: God is so good to me.
I remember my son, Jared, singing with the primary class in the main tent. There was a tornado warning. Elder Corkum told parents to pick up their primaries at Fireside Lodge and go to a shelter. Jared didn’t go to Fireside Lodge. I remember walking from shelter to shelter in the pouring rain looking for him. I finally found him on the path outside our cabin. The worst of the storm passed us by. God is so good to me.
This fall as Adele goes to Andrews University and Jared goes to Wisconsin Academy, I sometimes worry about the future. But as I look down the walkway at camp meeting, I am reminded of how God has led in the past, and I worry less about the future. God is good to me!
—Jody Marsh, Mosinee, Wisconsin
This article was published November 17, 2011.