September 12, 2011

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Bits & Pieces
The following is something I read in one of the weekly bulletins of the Irons Seventh-day Adventist Church in Michigan:
“Sleepless, still excited, and energetic—are you having trouble sleeping at night because of your nervous energy keeping you awake in high anticipation of morning’s arrival with a joyous quiver in every fiber of your being, that you may enthusiastically pop out of bed, get on your knees, download God’s divine menu for your day, and rise excitedly to delightedly march off to energetically, willingly, submissively, allow Him to please you immensely beyond imaginable measure by implementing that menu to the best of His ability through you?
“Yes, you! . . .
 “WELL! ARE YOU? If not, why not?”
— Submitted by Eugene Olds, Irons, Michigan
Sound Bite
“It is my business to pray. It is none of my business what God does with it.”
—Willard D. Regester, M.D., Williams, Oregon
2011 1526 page13Adventist Life
My nephew Jean-Pierre Kafrouni, who practices medicine in Oregon, made a suggestion to his mother who was going through a difficult time. “Write in bold letters, ‘I am too blessed to be stressed,’ and place it on your desk.” Then he added: “Look at it often, at every challenging opportunity.”
She did. It was such a positive and peace-inspiring reminder that she shared it with friends.
Try it, and you’ll be blessed too!
—Laurice Durrant, Keene, Texas

When we attended church with our daughter and her family on a recent vacation, we were pleased to see that our 2-year-old grandson, Tyler, had learned to fold his hands and bow his head when it was time for prayer in church.
A few days later we took Tyler to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. We thought he would really enjoy the Country Bear Jamboree attraction. When the doors automatically opened, we entered the auditorium, made our way along the long pewlike rows, and took our seats. 
Once seated, Tyler immediately folded his hands and bowed his head for prayer!
—Marvin G. Lowman, Goodlettsville, Tennessee