August 11, 2011

Give & Take

Sound Bite
2011 1523 page13“The purpose of Scripture is not information only, but primarily for transformation, that our thoughts, feelings, and actions may reflect the heart of Jesus.”
—Professor Jerry Moon of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary in Andrews University in Michigan, as overheard by Ada M. Mendez, Berrien Springs, Michigan
Campmeeting Memories
On June 10 General Conference president Ted N. C. Wilson and his wife, Nancy, were guests at the camp meeting in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  Wilson delivered a message at the main worship hour that reminded us of the unique message of faith in Jesus we Seventh-day Adventists possess.
Another message was delivered early on Sunday morning when Wilson could be seen folding chairs in the main auditorium. Unasked and unscheduled, he saw a need and was willing to serve in any way possible! 
—Tim Rasmussen, Nine Mile Falls, Washington
Adventist Life
Recognizing our collective need for the presence of the Holy Spirit in our discussion and study of the Sabbath school lessons, our class prayed together. We had come to Lesson 12 of Garments of Grace, and we were commenting on Jesus removing His outer garment in order to wrap a towel around Himself and wash the disciples’ feet. Shortly into the discussion one class member asked if the act of taking off His outer garment had any symbolic meaning, and if so, how might we understand the meaning?
Almost immediately another class member said, “I see the symbol of His removal of the outer garment as laying His humanity aside so His divinity might be seen in His act of humility in washing 12 pairs of dirty feet—including those of His betrayer!” 
Then the class member added: “I have never thought of that before. We prayed for the presence of the Holy Spirit in this class at the beginning. Is that how the Holy Spirit works in leading us into deeper insights of truths?”
What a profound insight!
—Gerald M. Reynolds, Penn Valley, California