March 31, 2011

Spotlight on Adventist Heritage

There are incredible stories of faith and heroism demonstrated in the lives of our early Adventist pioneers. Many of our spiritual ancestors endured bitter cold, oppressive heat, rain, snow, poor-quality and scanty food, smoke-filled accommodations, and separation from family in order to take the gospel to far regions by boat, sleigh, train, buggy, and foot. How did a handful of mostly nonwealthy visionaries build churches and establish publishing houses, hospitals, and schools in the early days of our Adventist movement? The miracle stories of God’s intervention coupled with the faith and sacrifice of His people abound.*

In cooperation with Adventist Heritage Ministries, the staff of the Adventist Reivew presents a collection of articles that celebrate the contributions of our  historical and contemporary pioneers and documents the milestones that the church continues to make. 

The LLU School of Medicine 100 Years Later
What a century of medicine means to the church.

Sifting Through the Past
The 1919 Bible Conference and how it still shapes our church today.

Living History
The lasting legacy of a group of Russian Adventists.

Waldenses in America
Some descendants of the defenders of Christian Orthodoxy at home in the U.S.

Loaves and Haystacks
All about good old Adventist food and why we eat it.

A Holy Spell

Worshiping with early Adventists

Ruby Ferris: Pioneer Missionary
She lived to see the fruits of her labor

Adventist Roots in Health Promotion
A comprehensive survey on how the church promoted health.

I Know He Watches Me
A lifetime in music ministry has left Del Delker with a song in her heart.

Treasures From the Farm
Once it was center of life and spirituality. Now the witness of its former occupants still speaks.

Charles D. Brook: Gospel Herald
Reflections on a life of commitment.

Light Bearers Then and Now
While methods change, the mission remains the same

The Molding of a Musical Mission
For nearly four decades the New England Youth Ensemble has entertained and inspired.

* Adventist Heritage: Where it All Began