January 9, 2024

Public Campus Ministries Camp Connects Adventist Students in Malaysia

One hundred and forty attendees from 32 schools enjoyed fellowship and development.

Malaysia Union Mission, Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review
The Peninsular Malaysia Mission’s recent Public Campus Ministries camp for Seventh-day Adventist students, most of whom attend public universities. [Photo: Peninsular Malaysia Mission]

The Peninsular Malaysia Mission of the Seventh-Adventist Church (PEM) recently organized a Public Campus Ministries (PCM) camp for Adventist students, most of whom attend public universities. The event took place November 3-5 at Port Dickson Methodist Centre in Port Dickson, about 90 minutes south of Kuala Lumpur, the country’s capital city.

“If our pockets are empty for you and your hearts are full for God during PCM23, it makes every effort worthwhile,” PEM youth director Tan Weoi Siong said in reflecting on the success of the event.

According to organizers, 140 Adventist students attended, coming together from locations all around the peninsula, for the camp themed, “My Circle of Influence.” They came from 32 institutions of higher learning, including public and private schools and one Adventist institution. The camp was intended to instill awareness about being a Christ-like influence in character among the youth in a secular context.

One of the highlights of the camp was a town hall session where the participants openly asked questions about how the church deals with current issues, organizers said. A panel of experts qualified in their fields addressed some of the subjects, such as taboo gender issues, students’ stress and depression, and social challenges. Other sessions included presentations to explore such topics as career paths and team-building activities.

In 2021, the Adventist community in Malaysia surpassed 60,000 members, a notable presence amid a country population of more than 33.5 million. It is a significant challenge for the church to foster connections within the broader community, regional church leaders said. “The objective of PCM is to instill a strong commitment to the mission of Jesus Christ and the Seventh-day Adventist Church among young people, enabling them to establish enduring relationships with their fellow campus students,” church leaders said. “Additionally, PCM extends the focus beyond student nurturing, offering support to Adventist professors and other individuals working in public campus environments.”

Mary Ann, a student from Shah Alam, said that she found the camp enjoyable. “It allowed me to connect with new Adventist friends and reunite with acquaintances from my hometown who are studying in different parts of Malaysia,” she said. Another attendee, Jim, shared his positive thoughts about the camp, adding that he wishes for more events like this one. “I look forward to having more PCM activities to expand our network and meet fellow Adventist friends pursuing education in universities,” he said.

The original version of this story was posted on the Malaysia Union Mission news site.