Bakery Store in Thailand Opens Doors for Community Worship

Place has become a hub for those who seek physical and spiritual nourishment.

Reben Huilar, Thailand Adventist Mission, and Southern Asia-Pacific Division
Bakery Store in Thailand Opens Doors for Community Worship
This cozy bakery in Thailand offers a perfect blend of delicious treats and spiritual nourishment, hosted by the warm-hearted owners, who welcome everyone eager to dive into the Word of God. [Photo courtesy of Menel Huilar]

Phee and Mauy, the owners of Pheerapon Café and Bake Shop in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, find themselves at the intersection of culinary achievement and spiritual revelation. Their culinary creations not only excite local taste buds but have also earned national recognition, with one of their specialties being featured on the country’s leading TV network. This showcased their position in the city’s culinary landscape.

Despite growing up in a non-Christian tradition, Phee embraced Christianity before meeting Mauy, who stands as the sole Christian in their family. Together, they started their entrepreneurial journey with humble beginnings, pouring tireless effort into their small business.

An encounter with a Seventh-day Adventist pastor and his wife marked a turning point in their lives. Grateful for the providential meeting, they welcomed the opportunity to explore the teachings of Jesus, igniting a newfound sense of purpose and spiritual awakening at their bake shop. This meeting sparked curiosity and paved the way for more Bible study opportunities. As Phee and Mauy delve deeper into learning about the Adventist faith and the Bible, they have willingly opened their store to others interested in studying the Scriptures together and uncovering the truths that the Bible holds.

“God’s word has the power to transform lives and guide us on our life’s journey,” Phee said. “We believe He entrusted this place to us to share His blessings in this community.” He added, “When we allow God’s word to seep deep into our lives, it leads to a positive transformation. As the Bible gradually manifests in our actions, this contributes to creating a much better community.”

Today, Phee and Mauy’s bake shop serves as more than just a culinary destination; it has become a hub for Bible study and fellowship. Witnessing individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to seek spiritual guidance, they envision their establishment as a place of inclusivity and love.

“We are grateful to God for this shop, which has become a place where people can gather to worship Him,” Muay said. “Regardless of background, belief, or religion, everyone is welcome to just commune with one another and worship.”

The commitment to their faith, coupled with unwavering dedication, has seen their business flourish over the years. From a small-scale operation, they expanded their bakeries and cafés, even venturing into online platforms to broaden their reach.

On this transformative journey, they humbly seek prayers for continued spiritual growth and meaningful connections within their community. Their care group meetings provide a space for nurturing relationships grounded in compassion and understanding, encouraging a welcoming environment where the teachings of Christ’s love resonate with all who enter.

Phee and Mauy are crafting more than just loaves; they’re part of an initiative to build a place for a community where Christianity isn’t the prevailing faith. Their earnest prayer is to extend the message of hope to all and extend an open invitation to share in simple conversations within the comforting embrace of their modest breadbasket.

The original version of this story was posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division news site.

Reben Huilar, Thailand Adventist Mission, and Southern Asia-Pacific Division