Soar Through the Bible in a Month— Chronologically

The experience was life-changing, with testimonials pouring in.

Andy Nash

The best way to study Scripture is to walk verse by verse, book by book.

But there’s also a time to take flight— to soar freely over the windswept peaks of Scripture and watch the story of redemption unfold. 

Last January I invited readers to a spiritual system shock: reading through the Bible in a month.* The experience was life-changing, with testimonials pouring in and many participants “meeting at the text” nightly online to share together. 

Next month, January 2023, I invite you anew to this experience, with an update. Let’s read through the Bible chronologically (still keeping most books intact). After Genesis, we’ll read Job—since Job lived before Moses—and then Exodus. When we reach the kings, we’ll blend in the psalms, proverbs, and the prophets. After the Babylonian exile, we’ll meet up with Ezra, Esther, and Nehemiah (whom Esther might have, ever so possibly, babysat). 

On Day 23 we’ll delight at the birth of Jesus. And after the Gospels and Acts, we’ll read the New Testament letters in their likely sequence, culminating in Revelation. 

The key is to read without stopping. Read at dawn, at lunch, in free moments, and into the night. Enjoy an audio Bible while driving or making dinner. And if you miss a day or need to skim, don’t worry. You’re saved by grace anyway. 

You’re also invited to a nightly “Meet at the Text” discussion group at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time on or Zoom (ID 515 728 2186; passcode 777). 

Together let’s soar through Scripture, filling our mind with His Living Word. 

See below for the schedule, starting January 1. 


Andy Nash

Andy Nash ([email protected]) is a pastor and professor who leads study tours to Israel.