May 30, 2014

​Arab Children Find Role Models in Bible Heroes

BY DAN WOODING ©2014 Assist News Service

Children love
heroes and the Bible has the best! That’s why SAT-7 KIDS is launching a brand
new game show called Bible Heroes. The one-hour show airs live from Lebanon
each week and is created for children ages 7 to 14 years old.

“In each episode,
presenters Ayzar from Aleppo, Syria and Karen from Lebanon introduce a story
about a hero in the Bible,” said a spokesperson for SAT-7.

“Viewers can then
phone in to answer questions and those who answer correctly will receive a
small prize. Their names will also be added to a monthly fishbowl drawing for a
special prize! At the end of each episode, Ayzar and Karen tell the children
which chapters of the Bible to study for the following week.”

Bible Heroes
premiered on May 15th, featuring Daniel as the Bible hero. Children called from
all across the region to play the game—Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and

A 7-year-old named
Sam, who was originally from Syria, but is now living in Lebanon called the
show. Like Ayzar, he left Syria because of the civil war. Karen and Ayzar
talked about the difficulties of leaving Syria and how Ayzar had to leave not
only his home but also his family and church. Still, Ayzar sees that God is
working through the situation for His glory.

Karen and Ayzar
reminded viewers that their main goal is for the kids to go deeper in their
understanding of the Bible. Karen said, “We want you to study these people in
the Bible not just so you can win, but so it can affect your life personally.”
Ayzar encouraged the viewers, “If you have any question, go and pray to God. He
will answer you…God will always be with us, just like He was with Daniel.”

Bible Heroes shows
children role models in God’s Word. As they pray and study Scripture, they can
have hope for a joyful life and change their communities for the better.

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