“What you do is proof of what you believe”—Simon Sinek.

You’re looking at a brand-new iteration of the oldest thing in Adventism. The Adventist Review team has built a website experience that keeps you informed, interested, and passionate about this faith we live—just as the Review has been doing for a very long time.

A magazine that began with the name Present Truth always has to be checking itself against the moment. Are we speaking clearly? Are we asking the right questions? Are we pointing people to thoughtful opinions, and keeping them aware of how big and diverse this global church really is? Does Scripture undergird our worldview in a winsome, shareable way?

The new Adventist Review experience offers you clean, clear options to find what most interests you—news, inspiration, commentary, Biblical studies, or devotional content. You can use its robust search engine to access tens of thousands of published articles to share with friends, church members, and your next-door neighbors.

You’ll want to make sure your subscription is current to get everything this amazing new website offers. For just US$20, you can access all paid and free content on the site; Adventist Review TV with its thousands of fascinating and uplifting films; KidsView, our monthly fun-filled magazine for children—and the award-winning Adventist Review print journal that will come to your home every month. Click here to start an entirely new way to experience Adventist Review: https://my.adventistreview.org/

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Bill Knott

Executive Editor.