December 15, 2020

Waiting for Christmas

‘Twas the month now of Christmas

And all through the land

There was not so much stirring

For travel was banned.

Mama in her face shield

And I in my mask

Were headed for church,

Which proved quite a task.

The COVID restrictions

The fear in the air

Made us ponder the question:

Would others be there?

So many are lonely

And not just the old.

The pandemic had come,

Separating the fold.

But what to my spiritual

Eye should appear,

But a promise from God

That the Savior was near.

Yes, He would be there,

But not there alone.

He would be with each heart

At church and at home.

The promise was given

And true to His Word,

He told John on Patmos

The revealing we heard.

‘Tis not just the babe

Who in Bethlehem lay,

That we joyfully worship

When comes Christmas Day.

See Jesus, our Savior,

Our Lord, and our King

His birth was our birth;

He ended death’s sting.

So worship Him fully

Wherever you are,

And join with the Magi,

Who followed the star.

For nothing can keep us

Apart for He made

Us one—His own body

When our sins He paid.

Yes, come to the manger

This new Christmas season,

But also to the cross

For this is the reason

He came as an infant

So weak and so small

Bearing all of our burdens

When on Him we call.

So I wish you Christ’s peace

Whether near us or far,

And rest in His promise

That He knows where you are.

For now let us worship.

Let our praises begin.

For we have the blessed hope:

He is coming again.

Marvin Wray is interim lead pastor of the Chico Seventh-day Adventist Church.