July 2, 2020

Without Jesus

Where would you be?


We’ve been doing some new things with social media as of late. Among our initiatives to better engage with our community of readers is to ask them questions. We hope you find some inspiration from the selection of responses we’ve highlighted from our Adventist Review Facebook page. —Editors.

Fill in the Blank: Without Jesus I’d be ___________

Lacking so much. This world can bring you down so fast. Jesus keeps balance and peace in the midst of every storm I face.

Debbie York

Lost forever.

Heather Robinson

Growing selfish and boastful. It was such a turning point knowing Him in my young age.

Krisha Mae Wakit Bugaling

Weak to battle the circumstances I face every day. He is my strength.

Carlos Apolonias

Nothing in this world. So let’s praise and do good for others.

Chojuan Esjosan

Dead. Hopeless. In a mess.

Angelo Paculaba Layosa

Without hope of entering heaven.

Simeon Topok

Nothing. He is my everything.

Albert Oiredaf Arutlucse

Empty. Useless. Hopeless. Nothing.

Darkus Shantella Scipio

Lost spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Tanya Coleman

In the great unknown.

Christopher Baluyut Figueroa

Nothing. Thank You, Lord, for being with me all the days of my life.

Fertilicia Phanbuh

Hopelessly in bondage to sin. Completely lost.

Carlos Vega

Zapped of life.

Doris Leeson


Anitsugua Sewista

Controlled by sin.

John Maguire

Nothing, for He alone is my strength and hope.

Esor Rodatsab Antawe

All alone in a room full of darkness and feeling hopeless.

Janielle Dimala

Dead among the living.

James Metzger


Wasim Raza


Patience Augustine


Mita Rasolo


Joshua Pilar.

Fill in the Blank: If I could change anything about my local church, I would ___________                     

Add young people, middle-aged people, and older people who are on fire for Jesus Christ, ones who are not looking to be entertained but who want to step up and do the work needed to finish. I would gladly turn over the running of my church to any young person who fits the above and is willing to take on a challenge.

Jutta Karin Schultz

Change nothing, but instead pray that the Lord would change me and strengthen me. Everything will be put in its rightful place by the leading of God’s Spirit.

Gray Lin

Have them be more involved in the community. Doug Bachelor put it this way: “If your church closed today, what kind of an impact would that have in the community where your church is?” Almost all Adventist churches are in what I call the Adventist bubble. It’s a closed community. They accept all who come to the church, but do very little to be part of the community. So there would be no impact on the community if the church I attended closed, and that’s very sad. How can we reach souls for Christ? Is no one willing to step outside the bubble?

Patti Roberts

Figure out a way to get more 18- to 35-year-olds to attend regularly. This doesn’t apply just to my church, but to Adventist churches in general.

Michael Bradley-Robbins

Change the energy level.

Hazel D. Riley

Make it more about Jesus.

Elizabeth Pink

Hope it would truly become a church centered on Christ through prayer, study of the Word, and community service; not just services inside a building.

Fesanmie Amarillo

Pray that it would be more Christ-, other-, and mission-centered, and less about group thinking in decision-making; less territorial in leadership positions, and more open to dialogue without fear of repercussions.

Diane R. Wallace