August 3, 2017

Until Jesus Returns

If you knew you only had one week to live before Christ’s return, or your death, how would you live? Would you live differently, or the same?


We recently asked our Facebook friends this question: If you knew you only had one week to live before Christ’s return, or your death, how would you live? Would you live differently, or the same? Here are their responses.—Editors.

I  would do a quick review of Hezekiah’s story to see if I could bargain or plead for more time. Then I would get back to the assurance I have of life eternal with Jesus.

Nadine Barclay, Joplin, Missouri

I would live so differently.

Fedhasaa Bonjaa

I  would first find a place of solitude and make things right between me and God. Then resting in His love, spending time with my family and friends in celebration, knowing it is only a brief time of separation.

Deb Cash, Hawthorne, Nevada

Romans 8 gives me the abiding assurance of God’s dimensionless love and preparation for eternity. The coroner will not need to write a death certificate saying, “Scared to death by a beast-frightened imagination.” Instead I can declare a welcome confidence of being fully clothed by the righteousness of Christ.

Chris Daley, Silver Spring, Maryland

I would live the same, day by day, ready to meet Christ every day.

Sharlene Eldred, Gobles, Michigan

I would live an improved quality lifestyle.

Emmanuel, Accra, Ghana

I would live for Jesus. That is what I want to do for Jesus before I die.

Maseseka Henry, Kampala, Uganda

No one knows when Jesus will return. It will be like a thief. We’re required to be ready all the time. If we knew, we’d pretend to be good.

Mujanama Julius, Kagadi, Uganda

As St. Francis of Assisi was hoeing his garden, he was asked, “What would you do if you were suddenly to learn that you were to die at sunset today?”

He said, “I would finish hoeing my garden.”

If I’m trusting my relationship to my Lord, my death, His second coming, will be the same.

Steve Nicola, Auburn, California

I would continue to do as much as I can to tell people about Christ. [I would] ask for forgiveness from people I’ve wronged, and visit those whom I’ve been meaning to visit but never had the time. [I would] tell my loved ones that I love them.

Lina J. Ropati-Tooala, American Samoa

I would definitely live differently. I would devote all my time to studying the Bible and begging for forgiveness. I would also celebrate.

Nicolas Salomon, St. Ignatius, Montana

If I knew that Christ would return next week. I would spread this message to my family first, my relatives, my friends, and the people around me. I would live differently. [I would] walk with God and make changes that reflect Christ.

Niel Shillong


Alayna Staggers, Brownsville, Ohio

As much as I would like to say I am living the kind of life I need to see Christ face to face, in reality I am not. I would definitely live differently.

Jorge Valez, Keene, Texas

I would quit my job to spend more time with family.

Nicole Wall

I would live a bit differently. I try to stay within God’s laws, but I often fail, as we all do. It is important to learn to be as good as we can be without making excuses for our failings.

Ivan White, South Dakota