Reasonable Apocalypticism

Living between now and Jesus’ return.


A Jewish saying goes like this: “If you have a sapling in your hand and they tell you that the Messiah has arrived, first plant the sapling, then go out to greet Him.”

We asked our readers, “As you think about living between now and Jesus’ return, how do you intend to live? How will you reflect Christ’s character in tangible ways?”

Here are some of their responses.—Editors

You never know how the sapling will turn out, or how it will grow. Just let it grow and enjoy the outcome.

Bill, Maryland

Live a life that provokes the curiosity of a question that will afford sharing the secret sauce: the gospel. Then share Christianity’s unique response to meaning, satisfaction, freedom, identity, justice, and hope found only in Jesus.

Chris, Maryland

Live life as if people notice. Even when alone, be the best you can be. Your character will be remembered by the legacy of love and compassion you create. How do I know? I study and write history. Someday we’ll all be history. Make it juicy—and inspiring!

Christy, Arizona

As a cancer survivor, I consider each day a gift. I try not to waste my time with minor issues. I prefer to focus on Christ’s love, mercy, and truth, and reflect that to as many people as I meet throughout the day.

Claudia, Oregon

Live all your moments for the Messiah; then you’re ready to meet Him when He comes.

Debbie, Maryland

The best life is living for Jesus and leaving the results to Him.

Eric, Massachusetts

Some see the signs of Jesus’ return in the disasters that rock our world. I see signs of Jesus’ return in the acts of bravery and sacrifice done by average people, such as the bravery of teachers who lost their lives trying to protect their students at the high school shooting in Florida.

Heidi, Texas

I try to live with no regrets. When I make mistakes, I apologize and try to undo the damage. When I have an opportunity to do something for Christ’s kingdom, I take it. We never know where our modest efforts will do some good.

Kent, Montana

If I knew Jesus were coming next week, I would not change this week’s plans.

Kermit, Maryland

Love God, love my neighbor, and do whatever I can to relieve suffering in the world and promote a relationship with a loving God.

Luis, Mexico

Having grown up Lutheran, I think of a quote attributed to Martin Luther: “There are two days in my calendar: this day and that day.” Pray for wisdom in every decision, for guidance for every choice each hour, and over each dollar. Jesus’ words, “the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” apply. Study, dig deep, and share.

Michael, Tennessee

Prepare for the final gospel harvest in North America in a way that extends seven generations into the future.

Skip, Missouri

I will live for Jesus every day.

Stanley, Oklahoma