Humanitarian Organizations

We asked readers to tell us about the humanitarian organizations they support and why they mean something to them. Read on to discover more.

Humanitarian Organizations
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In my area there are a few organizations I support because of what they mean to members of my family. Food Share Ventura, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Aut2Run (autism support), and Child Fund (educational aid for children in Iran). 


My top two are World Central Kitchen, because everyone needs and deserves a delicious hot meal; and ADRA, as they dedicate 90 percent of their monetary donations to causes such as disaster relief, clean water, etc. 


I regularly support ADRA, ACS, and on occasion, World Central Kitchen. The former because they are connected with my faith and it is easy to donate to them because they are a line item when I submit tithes and offerings. Giving to them is part of my regular offering. 


I support ADRA and Christian Children’s Fund. ADRA because of its reach and impact around the globe and the fact that it has Adventist attached to it. I think that allows us to share our beliefs if asked. Christian Children’s Fund because of its worldwide reach provides necessities and education through high school. I have personally seen the impact this organization has. 


We give mostly to Christian ministry nonprofits because spreading the gospel is of utmost importance to us. For humanitarian organizations, we tend to give to Christian ones: Salvation Army, Canvasback Missions, and Toys for Tots. Because we also love animals, we give to ASPCA and Best Friends, as well as World Wildlife Fund and Audubon. And in support of the environment, we give occasionally to National Parks, the Arbor Day Foundation, and the Sierra Club. 


My favorite humanitarian organization that I truly love is ADRA. As a missionary, I have seen firsthand what a difference they are making. 


We support Revive Community Care, which was founded from the compassionate hearts of young adults at Younger Generation (YG) church. This local organization addresses the needs of people within our community. World Vision: CHOSEN— we love the empowerment of children in the compassionate relationship process and trust the integrity of their organization. And of course, ADRA—we have a long-standing relationship with them and partnering with them right now to bring aid to Ukraine. 


I support a lot of health-care societies— Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nurses; Ear, Nose, and Throat Foundation, Sigma Theta Tau International, Global Tracheostomy Collaborative, American Association of Nurse Practitioners; and Nursing Hearts, Inc. As a family we also support Ronald McDonald House and Christalis. The one I am most passionate about is the Aleyamma Kuruvilla Nursing Scholarship Fund, which I launched in 2020 through Vellore Christian Medical College Foundation. To date, we have sponsored 37 nursing students (100 percent tuition) for their education. 


We love giving to Portland Adventist Community Services—a food bank, dental clinic, and thrift store our conference runs in downtown Portland. I’d had the privilege of volunteering there many times. I’ve seen what the staff are like behind the scenes, and it’s one place where I feel like we are making a difference. And I’ve seen where the money goes—right back to the people in my city who need it most. 


Financially: I’ve always admired ADRA for their willingness to help without evangelizing. Occasional donations led to signing up to be an ADRA Angel with a small monthly donation. Physically: I’ve become involved with ACR-DR, and trained in warehouse management. So far I’ve deployed to Oregon following fires; and after the flooding in southwest Montana, compiled and gave out cleaning buckets at two multiagency response centers. We’ve helped homeowners clean out their homes and muck out flooded storage units.


I provide support to Compassion International. My husband and I sponsored a boy from Ghana until he aged out of the program, and now we sponsor a little girl from the Philippines. I also sponsor our local SPCA. Children and animals need protectors and supporters. Helping is both a privilege and an obligation. We are called to follow Christ’s example, so this is one small way I can do that. 


I normally support ADRA. My criteria simply are what tugs at my heart and how the spirit moves me. I believe that with my meager contribution, ADRA has a better dollar ratio to what is given or used for the cause. I also am impressed with their geographical spread, which allows them to respond quickly. That is important to me because it makes me feel like I have made a difference.