September 6, 2017

Community Engagement

We asked our readers how they are engaged in their communities.


Have they adopted a highway? Do they serve at a homeless shelter? Do they deliver meals on wheels? Do they volunteer at a hospital, school, library? We asked what they do, and how community involvement has affected their lives. Here are their responses.—Editors.

We’re part of a team that goes to the streets of Melbourne and washes clothes for those who are homeless. Every second Friday night our team heads to the same street and serves up fantastic home-cooked food for those who are homeless. We also do a meal every first and third Sunday of the month in a disadvantaged suburb of Melbourne. Jesus did it, so that’s good enough for us.

Adam Bokos, Melbourne, Victoria, Canada.

I volunteer at a local animal shelter. Over the past 10 years tasks have included fostering kittens and puppies, training dogs, and assisting in surgery. We now photograph dogs, cats, and rabbits to enhance their chance of adoption. It is gratifying to support the dedicated shelter staff.

Barbara Howe Djordjevic, Banning, California.

My church organizes food drives for those who are elderly in our area. I regularly participate. I find this outreach particularly helpful because it pushes me to give them what they’ve asked for—not what I would like to give. This has quieted my prideful, know-it-all self.

Kayla Ewert, Silver Spring, Maryland.

I spend time with a friend who has Alzheimer’s, to give the spouse a break each week. I coach a single mom of four in budgeting and filling in her financial gaps. It brings far more reward to me than the time or money I spend. Helping her see God work in her life has been awesome.

Carol Barker Huenegardt, Lincoln, Nebraska.

I volunteer to meet with people in and outside my community in giving personal and group Bible studies. I try to meet their needs, although it’s not easy to meet all their requests. It’s fun to be out with them. All I ask is for God’s grace to move on.

Onyeka Jombo, Abuja, Nigeria.

When we are on holiday, we students help households with housework. We are involved in all our church programs. Apart from this we visit people in the countryside, prisoners, as well as those who are sick. We preach to them.

Ird Gustave Kidnoski.

[I make] regular blood donations at the San Diego Blood Bank. My four children grew up watching me donate; now they all donate too.

Ken La Plante, Vista, California.

As a Seventh-day Adventist minister, I patrol (ride along) as chaplain for the Takoma Park (Maryland) Police Department. The opportunities to witness to the community and the officers are priceless.

Dan Pabon, Silver Spring, Maryland.

I’m poor. I try to be a good example and show the power of being humble.

Timer Ramirez, Mexicali, California.

My husband drove for Meals on Wheels for 10 years before managing the food bank for the Community Services center at the Beltsville Adventist Church. I volunteer at the butterfly exhibit at Brookside Gardens, and as a docent and information desk staff member.

Beverly Jean Rumble, College Park, Maryland.

I just returned from my fifteenth Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Work Project with Habitat for Humanity International. This year it was part of a build celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary. It was the Carter’s thirty-fourth year. It’s an amazing work to help families have a new start with safe, affordable housing.

Bucky Weeks, Homeland, California.

I haven’t, but I would love to.

José Luis.