January 8, 2015

Day Two of Prayer: Jan. 8

As we enter a new year with Ten Days of Prayer, we asked 50 leading Adventists: "What is your prayer for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 2015?" Here is what they said.

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Dear Heavenly Father, In mercy and love look upon your church. Reform, renew, and refresh your people. Send the Holy Spirit to increase our burden for the lost. Help us be channels of your unfailing and unchanging love to those who are struggling in the turbulence and turmoil of the world around us as they seek to make sense of life. Help us to lift our Savior up so He can draw all people to Himself, allowing us to experience the joy of salvation now and a future in heaven with You. These mercies we ask in His blessed name.

, executive secretary, Trans-European Division

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"May we love You, Your Word, Your will, Your ways and Your church as never before. May we faithfully serve You. Make us steadfast in doing Your will. Bring godly unity. Make us generous. Heal our families. Send the Spirit to revive us—reforming, transforming, helping us confess our sins, making things right and setting aside all doubtful personal and institutional practices. And may a multitude not of our faith join us in serving You.”

, adjunct professor of practical Christianity at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary; speaker at revivals and week of prayer meetings around the world

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“My prayer would be for a spirit of genuine revival to come upon God’s people and the youth in particular. That through the study of God’s Word they would rediscover a passion for the truth, the shortness of time, the value of souls, and the power of God’s love. And with this baptism of the Spirit they would bravely and wisely contend ‘the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints’ (Jude 3).”

, evangelist; president and speaker, Amazing Facts

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“My prayer for the SDA church is that we, as a people, remain faithful to our call of spreading the three angels’ message to the world; second, that central to the proclamation my prayer is that we be willing to give our ourselves for the good of others and ask nothing in return, as did Jesus. May God grant us the grace to do these two things.”

, editor, Adult Sabbath School Study Guide; columnist, Adventist Review

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"My prayer for the church in 2015 is that the Holy Spirit will speak to each of us and direct us in all of our ways. I pray that He will bring us all into full fellowship with God the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ. I pray that as we live in the presence of Almighty God, three in One, that we will view our world, our leaders and our brothers and sisters through Godhead eyes — that is; that we will commit to giving our lives, if necessary, for the eternal well-being of others."

, president, North American Division

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