January 12, 2015

Day Six of Prayer: Jan. 12

As we enter a new year with Ten Days of Prayer, we asked 50 leading Adventists: "What is your prayer for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 2015?" Here is what they said.

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“My prayer for the Adventist church in 2015 is that we would learn to lean hard on the arm of Jesus Christ; to find in Him the First, the Last, the Best, in everything; and to have the unshakable confidence that His arm will never fail, that He will never default on His Word, and that He will support us through every rough and difficult place.

, president, Generation. Youth. Christ.

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“I pray that God will grant us the faith and commitment to give Him glory—which is God’s chief objective for us as broken vessels. I pray that the Holy Spirit will open and sharpen our spiritual eyes to help us focus on the why we exist as the body of Christ and that the timely mission that we have is compelling enough to overcome the gravitational pull of the past and spur individual renewal.”

, president, Trans-European Division

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“My prayer is that God will awaken us to see the worldly influences we have brought into our homes and churches that distract and prevent us from having a relationship with Him that will change us into His likeness. He longs to give us the peace and joy of His abundant life even as we live on this earth, but that is impossible when our focus is earthbound.”

, wife of world church president Ted N.C. Wilson

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“My prayer for the church in 2015 is that she may allow the latter rain power to possess her members for the speedy finishing of the gospel proclamation so that Jesus can return.”

, president, Southern Asia-Pacific Division

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“I humbly pray, O God, that Your people will hear You.
I pray that You, O God, will listen to Your people.
I ask Jesus to grant His presence to His people.
I thank the Holy Spirit that He will lead us in an experience with Jesus.
I believe that the presence of Jesus in the lives of people can make a difference in our lives.
I trust that 2015 will give the best possible opportunities for the world to know You.
I pray that my life will be Yours.
I pray that the world will benefit of my good will to welcome You God in my life.”

, president, Inter-European Division

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