July 18, 2018

Compliance Committee's Terms of Reference

Informed by the comments received from the Executive Committee members as well as from the qualitative data gathered from dialogues conducted with divisions, the General Conference Administrative Committee has started a process of establishing certain General Conference Compliance Review Committees. Their primary objective is to review issues of non-compliance submitted by the relevant conference/union/division Administrative Committee.

By August 14, 2018, the General Conference Administrative Committee would have determined the appropriate names of these committees and identify qualified individuals to serve as members.

            VOTED,  To establish a plan for the compliance review committees with terms of reference as follows:

Terms of Reference for Compliance Committees 

TERMS OF REFERENCE                                                               AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITY

1.    As a committee, to be comprehensively                         1.  Power to Act

       knowledgeable and accept as authoritative 

       the existing officially voted beliefs, policies, 

       statements, and guidelines of the General 

       Conference of Seventh-day Adventists germane

       to the committee of assignment.

2.  Develop and recommend to the General                           2. Power to Act 

      Conference Executive Committee (GCC) 

      Guidelines that explicitly describe the conduct

      and behavior of denominational employees as  

      well as any individuals representing the Church

      germane to the committee of assignment. 

3.  Examine non-compliant entities as identified                3. Power to Act

      and recommended by the Administrative 

      Committee (ADCOM) of a conference and/union

      and/or division and/or General Conference.

4.  Advise and serve as a resource for the                                  4. Power to Act 

      organizational unit(s) addressing issues

      of non-compliance. 

5.  Periodically receive progress reports from                         5. Power to Act 

     the ADCOM of a conference and/or union and/or

     division and/or General Conference developing 

     and implementing compliance plans and periodically 

     report plans and progress through the General

     Conference Administrative Committee (ADCOM),

     and General Conference and Division Officers (GCDO),

     and the General Conference Executive Committee (GCC).

6.   Exercise overview, and with divisions, work                    6. Power to Act 

       with germane-committee-specific non-

       compliance issues that primarily are the

       administrative duty of unions.

7.    After evaluating the results of the implementation        7. Power to Recommend

       of the document “Regard for and Practice of General

       Conference Session and General Conference Executive

       Committee Actions”, recommend to the General 

       Conference Executive Committee (GCC), through

       the General Administrative Committee (ADCOM), 

       and General Conference and Division Officers (GCDO), 

       the voted compliance plan of the non-compliant unit(s)

       or after much prayer and consideration, recommend to

       the General Conference Executive Committee (GCC), 

       through the General Administrative Committee (ADCOM),

       and General Conference and Division Officers (GCDO), 

       consequences identified in the document “Regard for and

       Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference

       Executive Committee Actions” document for non-compliant 


8. Process appeals received from non-compliant unit(s)     8. Power to Act

     which do not agree with the recommendations of the

     appropriate Administrative Committee