August 2, 2022

NFL Team Chooses Kettering as Its Health-Care Provider

The Cincinnati Bengals signed a 10-year partnership with the Adventist health system.

Christina Keresoma

Kettering Health, a Seventh-day Adventist nonprofit health-care network in Ohio, United States, has been selected as the official health-care provider of the National Football League team the Cincinnati Bengals. 

The 10-year partnership includes five branded clinics inside Paul Brown Stadium that Kettering Health team members will operate.

The Kettering team members will administer care to fans during concerts and events in the stadium. Kettering Health and the Bengals will also collaborate to offer programs and health services such as supporting the Bengals’ official youth flag football program, which reaches dozens of schools in a 60-mile radius.

Kettering Health will also partner with the Bengals to bring year-round awareness of the NFL’s “Crucial Catch: Intercept Cancer” campaign to raise awareness for cancer screenings.

kettering health bengals
Kettering Health team members will administer care to fans during concerts and events in the Paul Brown Stadium, home of NFL team the Cincinnati Bengals. [Photo: screenshot by Kettering Health]

“As a health-care organization, Kettering Health is dedicated to supporting the needs of our community, ultimately helping people be their best,” Fred Manchur, CEO of Kettering Health, said. “The Bengals are equally committed to their people, their fans, and local residents. This partnership builds on that common purpose and the strengths of both organizations. We are excited to work together to build a healthier community.”

During a visit to Paul Brown Stadium, the executive team toured the Bengals training area—now known as the Kettering Health Training Room—and they noticed a Bible verse printed on the wall, Proverbs 27:17, which says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (NIV).

About Kettering Health

Kettering Health is a faith-based family of medical centers, emergency centers, and outpatient facilities, whose stated mission is to improve the quality of life of the people in the communities they serve through health care and education. 

“At Kettering Health, we’re making a promise,” its website states. “A promise to follow in the steps of Jesus by guiding every person to their best health.” In addition to the latest medical treatments, Kettering Health leaders said that they seek to assure patients that they will find a team of caregivers dedicated to supporting their spiritual and emotional well-being. “In the spirit of the Seventh-day Adventist health-care ministry, we strive to be innovative and to convey God’s love in a caring environment,” they said. 

The original version of this story was posted by the Columbia Union Conference Visitor.