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More than Coworkers

AdventHealth team celebrates the organization’s employees.

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<strong>More than Coworkers</strong>
Clint Joseph Romero (right) says, “Here at AdventHealth, your colleagues are your friends, and they help you with even the little things.” [Photo: AdventHealth]

Words are powerful — whether they’re part of a song lyric, a message on a wall, or an orator’s speech. At AdventHealth in the United States, the words “team member” are no less meaningful. More than 80,000 individuals in hundreds of care sites across the country are referred to as AdventHealth team members — and it’s for a reason.

AdventHealth Chief People Officer Olesea Azevedo describes the team member philosophy as a bold expression of collaboration and a signal of togetherness. “AdventHealth has come far as an organization because of our people, who make all the difference in bringing our mission to life every single day,” she said.

Service in Action as a Team and a Family

For Jordan Putt, talent acquisition strategist at AdventHealth’s corporate campus, working at AdventHealth over the past five years has felt like more than a simple transactional relationship. In his role, Putt said he is constantly engaging with prospective team members who feel a close connection to AdventHealth’s mission.

“It’s a family atmosphere within my team,” Putt said. “Even when I’m not at work, it still feels like I’m a part of that team.”

Six of Putt’s relatives have also chosen to use their talents in various departments and functions across AdventHealth. Putt said the organization’s service standards — Keep Me Safe, Love Me, Make It Easy, and Own It — have been a significant foundation for them as team members at work and as family at home.

“Just like it is within my family, I feel loved and I feel safe [at AdventHealth]. Everyone collaborates with ease and feels like they are a part of something bigger than themselves,” Putt said. “Having this level of comfort and trust enables me to bring my best self to work every day.”

Having Each Other’s Back, On and Off the Field

It’s been 10 months since Kylee Weber graduated college and assumed the role of internal communications specialist at AdventHealth Shawnee Mission in Kansas. While in college, Weber played softball, a sport she describes as fast paced and intense.

“The uniqueness of this sport is not just about what you can do on the field of play,” Weber said. “The game requires you to be concerned about what the next person on your team can do. Every player has a unique and equal role, and to win, you want to make sure that you are backing each other no matter what.”

Weber said these expectations of her softball team extend to her work. “My team members show that they have each other’s back 24/7, and the culture feels like you are not working for yourself but working together as a team to achieve a common purpose,” she said. “Our new team members always find it exciting that everyone is referred to as a team member.”

To Weber, AdventHealth’s service standards impact more than how a team member shows up in their work, adding that “the service standards also reflect the standards of an individual in their own personal lives.”

A Team of Unique Backgrounds and Experiences

As the diversity of AdventHealth team members continues to grow, the organization’s unique employee experience is impacting more and more team members with international backgrounds. Clint Joseph Romero, a registered nurse in the progressive care unit at AdventHealth DeLand in the Central Florida Division, is one of more than 1,000 international nurse recruits who deliver compassionate care to patients across the system.

Romero began his nursing career in the Philippines, where he was born. From there, he moved to Brunei and then Bermuda, before making his way to AdventHealth DeLand under AdventHealth’s Transcultural Assimilation Program (TAP). The program serves as a gateway for international nurses to join the AdventHealth workforce, offering them the support they need to transition into the U.S. health-care system.

“Coming from different hospitals, the experience hasn’t been the same,” Romero said. “Here at AdventHealth, your colleagues are your friends, and they help you with even the little things. Being at AdventHealth has enabled me to grow more as a person and as a professional.”

Fully immersed into AdventHealth’s culture and mission, Romero said he feels valued as a part of the AdventHealth team. To help shape the experiences of others like himself, Romero now extends training support to new international nurses.

The original version of this story was posted on the AdventHealth news site.

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