‘When Somebody Says They’re in Pain, I Know What That’s Like’

AdventHealth helps Haitian immigrant to the U.S. to fulfill dream of becoming a nurse.

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‘When Somebody Says They’re in Pain, I Know What That’s Like’
Gladys Franck is a registered nurse in the surgical department at AdventHealth Celebration, which has received Magnet recognition for nursing excellence. [Photo: AdventHealth News]

Gladys Franck, a registered nurse (RN) for AdventHealth Celebration, is living proof that education can unlock opportunities and create a ripple effect that can transform lives.

After immigrating to the U.S. from Haiti, Franck had to completely start her career over and build a new life for herself and her two children. With a dream to work in healthcare, Franck began her career at AdventHealth through an education assistance program that allowed her to work while also receiving free training to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). 

“I constantly want to learn,” Gladys Franck says. “I want to better my life through every opportunity I can find.” [Photo: AdventHealth News]

To help more people like Franck, AdventHealth is enhancing its offerings to attract, retain, and engage talent through education assistance that helps team members grow in their career and hone their talents.

As her thirst for knowledge continued and with her dream to become a nurse in view, Franck then pursued her associate degree in nursing (ADN) and is now living her dream as an RN. Her struggle as a Haitian immigrant, she says, inspires how she cares for her own patients.

“I’ve struggled. I know what struggle is. I’ve suffered. I know what suffering is. When somebody says they’re in pain, I know what that’s like,” she said. “My struggle is what inspires me to care for others and to try to understand how they feel by putting myself in their shoes. That empathy guides me to exactly how I should respond to their need.”

“I don’t owe a penny because of AdventHealth,” Gladys Franck says. [Photo: AdventHealth News]

Thanks to AdventHealth’s education assistance offerings, Franck’s tuition throughout her journey to becoming an RN was completely paid for by the organization, leaving her with no student debt.

“Removing the burden of paying for school is a big relief,” she said. “I know people who are in student debt and have to pay back the loans they took for school, but I don’t owe a penny because of AdventHealth.”

Now, after more than 14 years with the organization, Franck intends to continue growing her career at AdventHealth and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN).

“I’m not giving up. I plan to go to school until I cannot read anymore. I love school and learning how to better help people,” she said.

Gladys Franck’s badge says, “I care for you like my children Roggy and Jade.” [Photo: AdventHealth News]

In addition to providing tuition reimbursement and debt-free educational assistance, AdventHealth also offers its team members student-loan coaching, repayment support for existing loans, and many other resources to grow their career within the organization.

For Gladys, career development opportunities at AdventHealth have encouraged her to pursue her full potential as a professional. 

“I constantly want to learn. When I came to AdventHealth and worked as a CNA, I told myself, ‘Why not be a nurse?’ I knew I could do it, and that was my determination. I knew I had to be a nurse,” she said. “I want to better my life through every opportunity I can find.”

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