Children’s Show Will Celebrate Its 100th Episode

The King’s Kids has brought the story of Jesus into thousands of homes, leaders say.

Tracey Bridcutt, Adventist Record
Children’s Show Will Celebrate Its 100th Episode
The King's Kids is now broadcast in more than 70 countries. [Photo: Adventist Record]

An Australian-produced children’s show that has brought the story of Jesus into the homes of thousands of families around the world is celebrating its 100th episode.

The King’s Kids will celebrate the milestone with a special premiere of the 100th episode on Friday evening, February 18, 2022. Before the premiere, a behind-the-scenes program featuring interviews with the team, on-set “bloopers,” and other moments will offer viewers insight into how The King’s Kids is created. 

Notching up 100 episodes is a significant achievement for the show, which isa collaboration between Adventist Media, Abide Family Ministries, and the South Pacific Division. The show was launched in 2020 to assist and minister to families during the first extended COVID-19 lockdown. Since then, it has become an international hit and is now broadcast in more than 70 countries worldwide, filling a gap in quality Christian TV content for children.

“Reaching our 100th episode is a real ‘God moment,’” said Kimberly Houliston, a director at Abide Family Ministries, which produces The King’s Kids.

“This is His program, created to support children and families, particularly during the stresses and challenges of navigating life during the turbulent times we live in. Despite the huge task and long hours that are required to continue producing The King’s Kids, it is so worth it to be able to share Jesus with His precious children. We feel blessed to be able to do this,” Houliston said.

According to Houliston, there have been many highlights in producing the show over the past two years.

The King’s Kids features children, puppets, balloon animals, storytelling and much more. [Photo: Adventist Record]

“Against all odds we have been able to actually create and produce the program each week,” she said. “[We are] constantly relying on God for the energy, the ideas, the technical knowledge, the team, the equipment and the funds needed.”

Houliston also expressed joy in being able to work with a team of like-minded people who are passionate about using their gifts and talents to share Jesus.

“We have a ‘Give It to God’ jar at the studio where we put needs, concerns and situations we don’t have answers for. Time and time again, when we go back to that jar, we see how God has answered and provided exactly what was needed,” she said.

Created to go hand-in-hand with the GraceLink primary children’s Sabbath school lessons, The King’s Kids features puppets, balloon animals, singing, crafts, storytelling, health, and nature segments.

Houliston has been inspired by stories of how children, families, churches and schools from all around the world have been able to access and use the program to teach and support young children on their faith journey.

“Families are searching for positive Christian programs that can support them in teaching their children about Jesus and important life lessons along their journey,” she said.

Eight series have been produced since the first episode, “Calm in the Storm,” which launched March 28, 2020. The first series has been translated into Romanian, and a Vietnamese pilot program has also been created.

“We are very much on a trust journey with God on this,” Houliston said. “We are following His lead and seeing which doors open. There is a need for creating positive Christian programs for children and families that is greater now than ever before. We are considering what we can do for the next age groups up. We know our juniors and teens also need resources and support on their faith journey.” 

Plans are currently underway to develop a special three-series program with a greater evangelistic focus, designed to reach children and families who do not yet know anything about Jesus. “This will aim at teaching the plan of salvation, God’s great rescue plan, in a simple way which will make sense to those who are not from a Christian background. This is being created in conjunction with Hope Channel, the General Conference and Abide Family Ministries,” Houliston said.

The original version of this story was posted on Adventist Record.

Tracey Bridcutt, Adventist Record