June 6, 2021

One TV Channel Out of 580

It is spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and nature has come alive. Who would want to hear about snowstorms now? While many children like the dreamy picture of a snowstorm with lots of snow, for most adults, it is associated with inconvenience, service problems, and danger on the roads. But for God, a good snowstorm may be just what He needs as a cover to work a tremendous and incredible miracle.

LifeStyleTV recently received a letter from one of its regular viewers which highlights this disposition of God to use any means to draw people to Himself:

“Hello again! I am not going to ask any questions now, but I want to tell you about events that have changed our lives, as it may encourage you in your important work.

“A few years ago, I worked as a self-employed person in construction as a carpenter. Unfortunately, my back and knees got severely injured, and I was on sick leave a lot. Eventually, I qualified for sickness benefits, but being self-employed, I did not have the same safety net as others. It was difficult financially, and both my wife and I became depressed and felt burned out. As though this was not enough, there was also a case of homicide in our family. Those were tough times.

“Then one day, there was a strong storm outside. While we were watching television, the satellite dish got completely covered by wet snow, making the 580 channels that we could potentially watch disappear, except one — LifeStyleTV!

“We were very impressed with the programs and how the speaker was constantly referring to the Bible to support what he said. This led us to study the Bible and be convicted, which, in turn, has resulted in our well-being today.

“I am now 72 years old, and I help people with rebuilding and remodeling various projects. I have no ailments at all, not in body or soul. It is amazing to see in what ways God can work, and we pray that you may continue to be led by the Holy Spirit, for we believe your ministry is a great blessing!”

If we pause and take a minute to think about what happened here, we find that God saw a hurting couple. Through a snowstorm that blocked 580 channels on their TV, leaving them only to watch LifeStyleTV, the Lord reached out to show them His love and give them comfort and light from His Word in their living room — a miracle in the snowstorm.

Although recently LifeStyleTV has not been able to produce as many new programs as it would have liked due to the current pandemic and its relocation, the message of God’s love to the world is still being broadcast 24 hours a day, and people’s lives are being changed.

The original version of this story was posted on the Trans-European Division news site.