Upgraded Cancer Infusion Center Has New Site

A new location near Chicago is designed to improve patients’ experience.

Julie Busch, Lake Union Herald
Upgraded Cancer Infusion Center Has New Site
(Left to right) Thor Thordarson (left), president and CEO, UChicago Medicine AdventHealth in the Great Lakes Region; Sun Lee-Such, regional vice president of ancillary and oncology services, UChicago Medicine AdventHealth in the Great Lakes Region; Herb Buchanan, president and CEO, UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Bolingbrook; Mary Alexander-Basta, mayor of The Village of Bolingbrook. [AdventHealth]

Infusion therapy can be a difficult part of a patient’s journey in the fight against cancer and other diseases.

A new location of the UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Bolingbrook Cancer Infusion Center is designed to improve patients’ experience as they engage in the fight against cancer.

The hospital relocated the center in February to a medical office building adjacent to the hospital to provide a more convenient and enhanced experience for patients. A special ribbon-cutting dedication was held February 9 at the new facility, which opened its doors for patients on February 13.

The relocated center has easy access and ample parking to make it more convenient for patients. It also has several design changes implemented to improve the experience of patients who receive treatment there.

“Our beautiful new facility was designed with the patient in mind. We’ve created an environment of tranquility,” said Christine M. Gonzalez, clinical manager of the Cancer Infusion Center. “We understand that the journey our patients are navigating can be challenging, so our goal is to make them feel cared for and at peace.”

The updates and improvements in the new infusion center were intentionally patient-focused. The center now features a warm, inviting atmosphere with floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious views of the outdoors to provide relaxing views for patients undergoing treatment. There are five exam rooms, one procedure room, and 13 infusion bays, each equipped with a comfortable recliner and television in a semi-private setting. Snacks and beverages are provided to patients from the nutrition area. The on-site infusion pharmacy offers exclusive support to patients. Patients also have access to oncology supportive services, including nurse navigation, nutrition counseling, and pastoral care.

Early reviews for the new location have been very positive, with patients commenting on how beautiful the new space is with all the natural light coming through. Patients are enjoying the updates, which makes it feel like their own private suite.

Team members who work with patients in the new center also appreciate their new environment and the way it supports and enhances their work with patients. It helps to further the health system’s deep commitment to providing care for the whole person and to heal their body as well as their mind and spirit.

“While the new center is beautiful in exterior, what makes it a true healing environment is our team members’ dedication and compassion for our patients,” said Eun Lee, regional director of oncology and pharmacy infusion. “We hope to expand our wholistic service to the members of the community in their journey to wholeness.”

Gonzalez agreed, adding, “It’s our honor to serve our community and extend Christ’s healing ministry to those in this environment.”

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Julie Busch, Lake Union Herald