October 16, 2013

Unlikely Source Gives Kudos to GC Stewardship

The recent April-June 2013 edition of Dynamic Steward,1 the quarterly journal produced by the General Conference Stewardship Department, brought high praise from an unlikely source: The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).2 HSUS Faith Outreach associate director Karen L. Allanach described the issue as “beautifully [capturing] the importance of caring for God’s creation—including the animals,” and requested 200 copies to distribute to other faith organizations and volunteers interested in promoting humane treatment of God’s nonhuman creatures. They’re also noting the publication in their Humane Steward e-newsletter, which is distributed to about 17,000 subscribers; and including a link on the Seventh-day Adventist Church information page on the HSUS Web site.3

The magazine issue titled “Our Dominion: God’s Domain” focuses on “the privilege and accountability of our stewardship for all of God’s creation.” Writers include Washington Adventist University Christian ethics professor Zdravko Plantak, Geoscience Research Institute director James Gibson, and author and retired church administrator Reinder Bruinsma. It also features an interview with Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary professor Jo Ann Davidson, articles for children and youth, and a list of applicable resources.

“Our role as stewards of the earth came both as a gift and as a responsibility from our Creator,” says GC Stewardship associate director Larry Evans, also Dynamic Steward editor. “Unfortunately, much of the world’s focus is on consuming rather than enhancing and protecting what God has made, whether it be plant, animal, or the environment. As Seventh-day Adventists we have an important role to play in raising global awareness of these issues.” 

He added, “We’re very appreciative of the work of HSUS and their sharing of our mutual interests with their subscribers. Together our voices can become a megaphone to a world that at times appears to be insensitive to God’s creation.”

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