Unified Mission, Unique Roles: A Place for Every Woman

Women comprise about 77 percent of the AdventHealth workforce.

<strong>Unified Mission, Unique Roles: A Place for Every Woman</strong>
Amanda Maggard, Olesea Azevedo, Jayne Bassler, and Audrey Gregory during the 2022 AdventHealth Woman of Courage Award recognition. [Photo: AdventHealth]

Across various sectors in the U.S., women are rising to the occasion and demonstrating their influence in many ways. This trend is no different at AdventHealth, where they comprise about 77 percent of the workforce. While most women at AdventHealth work in nursing — the most common health-care occupation for women in the U.S. — women also work in areas such as finance, information technology, and supply chain — health-care occupations in which women are often less represented.

Fueled by their inspirations and dreams within and outside the walls, three AdventHealth women share their stories of how they use their talents in unique roles to contribute to the promise of wholeness.

While Joy Block-Gonzalez, vice president of finance and chief accounting officer for AdventHealth, finds herself in a field that has been typically male dominated, she believes her chosen field is well represented at AdventHealth by women across all levels, describing it as diverse and rewarding.

“I’ve enjoyed great collaboration from amazing men and women who are willing to lend a hand at any moment,” she said. “I recognize that I don’t have all the answers.”

Gonzalez believes in extending opportunities for mentorship, having navigated various challenges throughout her professional career. “While my days are filled with technical accounting and finance discussions and puzzles, I’m passionate about supporting and mentoring those around me,” she said. “I’m always proud when I see growth in the careers of team members I’ve supported.”

Jenny Pardo, technical product manager in AdventHealth Information Technology (AIT), said she feels privileged to represent women in IT, further stating the different perspectives women bring to problem solving.

“Growing up, I was always the go-to person for any IT issues my family and friends faced,” Pardo said. “I noticed how technology was evolving at a rapid pace, and I didn’t want to miss any of it. I love caring for our team members’ needs and finding ways to help them improve processes with easy-to-use technology.”

Pardo is grateful for the opportunities she has to learn, grow, and give back in a fast-paced environment. She’s passionate about bridging the knowledge gap among team members by creating products that bring value.

“I’m excited about all the ways women contribute to driving the organization’s impact in our communities,” Pardo said. “My role challenges me to care for caregivers — directly and indirectly — and that’s something that fills my heart every day.”

Elise MacCarroll-Wright, vice president of ancillary and support services in supply chain, was drawn to her role due to a desire to create solutions that save the organization time and money.

“I love connecting clinicians and leaders from across the organization to cultivate ideas that facilitate and align to best-practice processes and strategy,” Wright said. “Every dollar is a patient dollar, and it’s our responsibility to maximize our spend, while driving the clinical agenda.”

Wright works closely with Marisa Farabaugh, chief supply chain officer for AdventHealth, who was recently named one of the 100 most influential leaders in the 2023 Global Women Supply Chain Leader list — a recognition that celebrates women whose contributions to their organizations and the industry provide inspiration to the growing number of women in supply chain.

“Marisa is a well-respected powerhouse who pours herself into her team and drives performance through clear direction, communication, connection, and pure adrenaline,” Wright said. “She is a strong female role model with tremendous credibility in our industry.”

AdventHealth is committed to providing resources and programs to support women in all areas of the organization. The AdventHealth Women’s Leadership Forum, affectionately called The Joy Project, exists to foster an environment that enables current and aspiring women leaders to maximize their full potential and achieve professional and personal goals at AdventHealth, while helping the organization increase the number of women in executive roles.

The forum hosts systemwide and facility events to provide mentorship, networking, and professional development opportunities for women in leadership roles and those on the path to leadership.

With a continuous commitment to cultivate a workplace where everyone feels seen and heard, AdventHealth also recognizes the extensive roles women play beyond their professional lives and is committed to enhancing the team-member experience with benefits tailored to their unique needs, such as paid parental leave, which will be launched later this year.

The original version of this story was posted by AdventHealth.