April 18, 2014

​Training School Celebrates 100th Graduate

The Australian Union Conference (AUC)
Training Center has celebrated its fifth year and graduated its 100th

Held each year in February at
Jumbunna Lodge, just outside of Melbourne, the center offers two study
streams—lay pastoral assistant and youth Bible worker.

This year’s 12 graduates have
completed two six-subject, three-week intensive blocks, with at least eight
months practicum in between and bring the total to 108 graduates since

Beryl Landers receiving certificate. [Photo: SPD Record]Center director Roger Govender said
the course is very much hands on. “Our key focus is to make all that we teach
as practical as possible,” he said. “That is intentional. It is a three-step
process. Sharing the information, making it applicable and creating an
environment where change can take place, where the Holy Spirit can work and
discipleship can happen.”

The school’s purpose is to offer
church members an opportunity to gain theory and practical skills that will aid
them in local church ministry and community service, according to the training
center handbook.

Courses cover topics such as how to
preach and develop Bible studies, Adventist identity, discipleship, and
door-to-door evangelism.

The courses are accredited through
Andrews University’s Lay Adventist Seminary and upon completion students
receive two semester graduate credits as well as a certificate and

Lecturers are very active in their
field, like Pastor Loren Pratt or well-regarded as experts, like Allan Lindsay.

“We’re eager to equip you for active
ministry and outreach, to encourage you to work together, empower you in your
area of giftedness, and to engage you in fulfilling service and leadership,”
AUC President Chester Stanley, writes in the handbook’s welcome message.

Many of the participants are
sponsored or recommended by their local conference or the AUC and pastors
report that they are returning to their churches and making a fantastic
contribution to the mission of the church.

“The quality of individuals who go
through these courses and their level of commitment is absolutely huge,”
Govender said. “They are passionate about their church and want to make a
difference. They go home as active, dynamic members, making a difference in
their communities.”

More information at <www.auctrainingcentre.org.au>.