Thousands Are Discovering the Gift of the Sabbath

Across the South Pacific, many have decided to experience it firsthand.

Adventist Record Staff
Thousands Are Discovering the Gift of the Sabbath
Viewers are being engaged by video content such as these three clips. They are available for viewing here. [Photo: Adventist Record]

Thousands of people are discovering the benefits of the Sabbath thanks to some great video content created by Adventists around the South Pacific.

Since the Sabbath Gift promotion began on June 1, 40,000 people have engaged with the content. Many viewers have clicked through to the public website for further exploration.

“What’s particularly exciting is that 34 individuals have already taken up the ‘Sabbath Challenge,’ committing to experiencing the blessings of the Sabbath firsthand,” said South Pacific Division communication director Tracey Bridcutt. “We are praying that these individuals immerse themselves in the beauty of the Sabbath and discover the peace, rest, and rejuvenation it offers.”

The promotion will continue throughout July, featuring four live online events open to the general public. These events will serve as valuable opportunities to connect with people and highlight the various benefits of the Sabbath, including its impact on health, consumerism, community, and spirituality.

Hosting the events will be Trent and Erin Keegan, with presenters addressing each topic. Here is the schedule:

“These events are all about sharing the benefits of the Sabbath in a positive, relevant, and engaging way to people who have limited understanding of the Sabbath,” Bridcutt said. “So, make sure you share these events with your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues so that they can discover the transforming power of the Sabbath gift for themselves.”

There’s still an opportunity to contribute to the promotion by creating a video clip. The focus is not on polished and professional content, but on heartfelt messages that positively convey the benefits of the Sabbath.

“Take out your phone and you have the perfect tool to create a video,” Bridcutt said. “And there’s an extra incentive to get involved with some cash prizes available.”

Five AUD$100 (about US$67) prizes will be awarded to participants from each union for registering and participating; while a prize of AUD$500 (US$335) will go to the most creative, impactful, and engaging video from each union.

“The Sabbath Gift aims to create a ripple effect, spreading the positive and relevant messages of the Sabbath throughout the South Pacific,” Bridcutt said. “By sharing personal experiences and insights about the Sabbath, participants can significantly impact the lives of those yearning for connection, meaning, and respite from the chaos of daily life.”

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Adventist Record Staff