The Real Estate Millionaire Who Preaches Prophecy

Adventist Review Television documentary premiered at Annual Council features a one-in-a-million life story.

Marcos Paseggi, Adventist Review
The Real Estate Millionaire Who Preaches Prophecy

A failed soccer player. A former party animal and a womanizer. A self-made millionaire. A sports car fan. A star real estate developer. A grieving father. A generous philanthropist. A Seventh-day Adventist lay preacher.

Czech Republic-born Radim Passer’s life story has many chapters but only one present: The experience of a man who accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, and now dedicates his life and business to tell his business contacts, neighbors, and friends that Jesus is coming back soon.

Recently, an Adventist Review Ministries film crew traveled to the Czech Republic to capture the essence of Passer’s life history in a one-hour documentary entitled Radim’d: Rags, Riches and Redemption. The film was premiered on Saturday afternoon October 12 during the 2019 Annual Council meeting.

The film, shot on location in Prague and its surrounding area, the unfolds Passer’s memorable life experiences, say the film’s creators. Hosted and narrated by Adventist Review executive editor Bill Knott, the documentary feature focuses on what motivates and drives Passer to strive for a better neighborhood, town, and country.

“Many whom God has greatly blessed support God’s work around the world by funding evangelistic initiatives so others can preach,” says Knott. “But Radim Passer loves finding time in his busy family and business schedule to preach and lecture about the faith of Jesus and Bible prophecy.”

Following the Annual Council premiere, Radim’d will be distributed to the public. Follow Adventist Review Facebook page for updates on how to watch the documentary.

Marcos Paseggi, Adventist Review