‘Thank You Guys for Saving My Life’

GLOW tracts keep helping Adventists reach out to people in need of finding God.

GLOW Europe, Trans-European Division, and Adventist Review
‘Thank You Guys for Saving My Life’
Sample of Giving Light to Our World tracts. [Photo: Trans-European Division News]

When Enikő Szöllősi, the GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) European coordinator, began this literature ministry, little did she expect the ministry to take off in the way it has across the Trans-European Division (TED) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. GLOW, a supporting ministry dedicated to sharing Christ through tracts, is impacting multiple lives across the region. Below are two of the most recent inspiring stories.

GLOW Hungary

Peter, a member of the Tata Seventh-day Adventist Church in Hungary, loves trekking, running, and hiking in nature. After he participated in a GLOW Sabbath at his local church, he was inspired to combine his love for exercise in nature with GLOW. So, Peter started a “GLOW Hike,” which provides 5 different routes for people to participate in from 3 to 35 kilometers (2 to 22 miles).

At the starting point, church members welcome everyone and help with registration. During the walk, stations are placed where refreshments and stamps are provided. When finished, everyone who completes their route receives a certificate, a pin, and GLOW tracts! After receiving these items, all are welcomed for a healthy sandwich and tea, which gives the opportunity to have great talks and fellowship. There is a crafts opportunity for children too.

GLOW Hike is a great combination of health and mission (hiking, vegan sandwiches, tea, and apples). Representatives of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Hungary, present at the hike, provided a CPR training program and GLOW tracts.

As hikers arrived at their refreshment stations, church members took the opportunity to have great talks with the participants. With the five routes to choose from, it is a great way to engage families and children — even little ones. Last year, there were 459 registered participants. This year, despite the mud and rain, approximately 140 people returned to hike, receiving much positive feedback. The local Tata church organised the event and is also having a “Hike with the organizers of the GLOW walk” event in June. When they are not helping at stations, walking together with the participants creates opportunities to build friendships even more.

GLOW Dublin

“The second GLOW story comes from the Dublin soup kitchen,” Szöllősi reported.

“Recently, I received a voice message from a friend of mine, telling the story of the man who thanked them for saving his life through receiving this GLOW tract (Help for Loneliness). The man was determined that this would be his last meal, but something changed,” Szöllősi shared.

On Saturday night, May 6, GLOW tracts were distributed in Ireland at the Dublin Adventist Community Services soup kitchen. Shane, an Irish church member, shares this inspiring story:

“We had different tracts with us, and one of them was Help for Loneliness. Almost everyone took not just a meal but a tract as well. It was great to see the impact on the people. Along the line, an Irish homeless person came in. We spoke with him and gave him a tract. He took the loneliness tract, and you could see he was very touched. I started talking with another person, but suddenly this guy appeared again. He grabbed my hand and he said, ‘I want to thank you guys for saving my life here, for giving me this leaflet. Something happened to me tonight. I want you to know I had determined to make this my last supper. This was going to be my last meal. I was going to end it all here tonight. But something has changed through receiving this tract.’

“We praise God for all that He does! All glory and honor go to Jesus, our Savior,” Szöllősi said.

The original version of this story was posted in the GLOW European site.

GLOW Europe, Trans-European Division, and Adventist Review