Study Guide for Children Teaches Revelation 14 as Never Before

Marcos Paseggi, Adventist Review
<strong>Study Guide for Children Teaches Revelation 14 as Never Before</strong>
The “Three Angels and You” series helps children to learn the biblical message of Revelation 14. [Photo: Enno Müller, Adventist Review]

Members of the Executive Committee of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists welcomed a short video update of the “Three Angels and You” Bible study series during the General Conference Spring Meetings on April 11.

This series is a novel Bible study guide for children geared toward teaching the Bible message of the Three Angels’ Messages (3AM) described in Revelation chapter 14 as never before, church leaders reported.

The three angels represent three special biblical messages that God’s messengers deliver to the world in the end of time on this earth. And the Seventh-day Adventist Church is on a mission to share the transforming power of the 3AM with the world, church leaders said. Against this background, Adventist Children’s Ministries leaders are making sure even children can get acquainted with these messages and learn to share them with their friends and classmates.

A Novel Resource for Children

“Three Angels and You,” subtitled “Revelation 14 Bible Guides for Kids,” includes a storyline written by Randy Fishell and colorful illustrations by Chris Danger. It consists of eight booklets, each with a story, background history information, and engaging exercises and activities for kids.

Booklet 1, titled “Taking Flight,” connects the story of a solved mystery with the supposed mysteries that can also be revealed and solved when we study Revelation 14 in context. Then it connects the story with the statue described in the Bible in Daniel 2, the importance of standing faithful, the remnant, and the meaning of “angels” in the context of Revelation.

In Booklet 2, titled “The World’s Last Chance,” children can learn about pieces of evidence pointing to the historical existence of Jesus, what “gospel” means, and why even children can participate in a final push to preach — “to share that life-changing message one last time with the world.” At the end of the booklet, children are invited to become “official members of the Critical Mission Team,” whose task is to share the good news of Jesus with a dying world.

Other booklets delve into the importance of divine justice (including the role of the earthly and heavenly sanctuaries), the biblical teachings about true worship, the biblical day of rest and its significance, and the mark of the beast and its role in the end of time.

In the presentation video, several kids shared some of the goals of the initiative, including “that children can be ingrained in the gospel of truth,” one read. “Children all around the world are being taught to be disciples, and being guided to embrace the mission,” another one said.

A girl said that the new Bible study guide helped her to understand the mission of her church. Another one added, “I had fun studying something that I had found difficult to study before.” After using the guide, another one shared, “I have come to understand that I am a part in [the mission of] sharing the gospel.”

“I realized that Jesus is coming soon,” a fourth said. “We must get involved!”

Innovative Ways

The short video presentation on April 11 also discussed other programs and initiatives that seek to increase an understanding of that significant biblical topic, especially among younger generations.

The video narrator described how, through a collaborative effort across various departments, Adventist communicators are “harnessing the talents and passions of … members to spread the gospel in preparation for the second coming of Christ.”

Adventist leaders are promoting several innovative ways to achieve this goal, the video narrator said. Among them, there is an extensive library of content developed by the Communication Department of the General Conference, which includes illustrations, sermon scripts, music, and presentations. “All [are] freely available and adaptable to meet the needs of our content creators and presenters worldwide,” he reported.

Totally Involved

At the same time, leaders believe that the denomination’s only hope to accomplish the mission in this generation is for young people to be totally involved in the 3AM proclamation.

Hope Channel has singularly focused on young people to spread these messages. The Adventist TV network, with branches in many countries around the world, has created a YouTube channel with weekly content featuring young people preaching the 3AM. The “3AM: Morning Is Coming” short videos include versions in Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Hebrew, Mandarin, Tamil, and other languages.

The church’s TV ministry also produced an animated film about the great controversy between good and evil in collaboration with their network channel in Romania. According to the team behind the initiative, the film tells the story of a family that must decide its eternal destiny.

Hope Channel has also created a series of Bible studies to teach young people the 3AM, the April 11 video presentation reported. “These resources are being produced in more than 30 languages and will be available to all 80 Hope [Channel networks] worldwide,” the video narrator said.

He also reported that, with the goal of assisting pastors and local church leaders, the Ellen G. White Estate and the Biblical Research Institute at the General Conference have produced compilations, books, and articles that envision these leaders as crucial for this final proclamation.

The ultimate goal, leaders emphasized, is that every church member commits to sharing the 3AM with as many as possible. And it’s a mandate for everyone, no matter their age.

As one girl featured in the presentation video said, “It’s time that children [also] say, ‘I will go!’ ”

Marcos Paseggi, Adventist Review