February 4, 2014

South Philippine Union Builds Dormitory for Literature Evangelists

BY VIVENCIO R. BERMUDEZ, publishing director, Southern Asia-Pacific Division

In the southern Philippine city of Davao
housing for new literature evangelists (LEs), especially student literature
evangelists who serve during summer vacations, is always a problem.

Davao Mission addressed this challenge by building a dormitory for literature
evangelists. January 10, 2014, marked the ground-breaking ceremony of this

<b>BREAKING NEW GROUND:</b> Publishing leaders break ground for new publishing center in Davao. Howard
F. Faigao, General Conference Publishing director, attended the event, along
with leaders from the South Philippine Union and the Southern Asia-Pacific
Division, and the Davao Mission. When completed, the building will have space
for an Adventist Book Center /Home Health Education Services (ABC/HHES) office
and meeting place for daily devotionals and instruction.

than 200 literature evangelists and leaders witnessed the ceremony and
participated in a one-day revival and fellowship experience. The project,
substantially advancing for the publishing ministry, will cost approximately

a related event, a new publishing center has been built in the Southern
Mindanao Mission. The new building has an ABC/HHES office and a meeting place
for literature evangelists. Pastor Faigao indicated that the Mindanao building and the
construction in Davao will greatly encourage publishing leaders and literature
evangelists in the South Philippine Union.