Singapore Local Church Hosts Dumpling Festival

Congregation proves to be a meeting hub for the community, leaders said.

Faith Toh, Singapore Conference, Southern Asia-Pacific Division
Singapore Local Church Hosts Dumpling Festival
The Thomson Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Church in Singapore hosted a Dumpling Festival on June 1. [Photo: Singapore Conference]

The Thomson Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Church in Singapore, in collaboration with Adventist Mission, transformed a simple culinary tradition into an experience of unity on June 18. The event drew 36 attendees, including church members, elderly visitors, and volunteers. Together, they celebrated the Chinese Dumpling Festival with shared traditions and communal bonds, organizers reported.

“Can you see the joy in everybody’s face?” Han Tew Chin, one of the attendees, said in Cantonese. Her words, touching on the sincere enthusiasm of the helpers and volunteers, echoed through the day. “These people, our volunteers, are so genuine in their help and care for us old folks,” she said.

What unfolded was a symphony of shared experiences. Seniors from different walks of life, for instance, came together to create dumplings. Some haven’t made dumplings in years. For others, it was their first time trying. The room was filled with laughter and camaraderie, a poignant reminder of the power of shared traditions and intergenerational connections.

Adding an energetic layer to the event, action songs had everyone, young and old alike, singing and moving along. The day was further punctuated by a short yet impactful sermon by Peter Foo, who spoke on the importance of prayer and how to go about it.

The event was not just about preserving traditions or crafting dumplings; it was about nourishing the soul and strengthening community ties. Participants left the event with more than just four delicious homemade dumplings. They left with a renewed sense of community, a strengthened faith, and a warm sense of belonging.

A church is often seen as a place of worship, but this event underscored that the Thomson Chinese Adventist church is also a hub for community building, organizers said. “Their regular visits to the homes of the elderly in the area created an established bond, making this event a natural extension of their caring endeavors,” they said.

As the attendance grows, the Adventist Mission Care Group will split into two groups from July onward. More community-building events are on the horizon, including a Durian Night on August 2.

This dumpling making event was a joyful embodiment of Proverbs 17:22: “A cheerful heart is good medicine” (NIV). This collaboration between the Thomson Chinese Adventist church and Adventist Mission became a heartwarming testament to the power of unity, faith, and community.

The original version of this story was posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division news site.

Faith Toh, Singapore Conference, Southern Asia-Pacific Division