May 7, 2014

​Prince William Meets Adventist Aviator

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince
William, visited the Pacific Aerospace Limited (PAL) aircraft factory on April
12 as part of the royal tour of New Zealand.

Pastor Roger Millist, former CEO of
Adventist Aviation Services (AAS), was invited by PAL to be present for the
tour. PAL manufactures the P750XL aircraft that make up the AAS fleet in
Goroka, Papua New Guinea.

“The Duke spent time with me watching
an AAS promotional video, looking at a photographic display of the AAS
operation and asking technical questions about the aircraft and the work that
AAS does,” Millist said.

“William kept referring back to the
work that our aircraft do in places like Papua New Guinea and he was quite
taken by Roger’s explanation about the humanitarian work that Adventist
Aviation does,” said Damian Camp, CEO of PAL.

Millist presented the Duke with a
copy of 50 Years Adventist Aviation 1964–2014, a pictorial representation
of the mission and operation of AAS.

“His private secretary later told me that the book would
be placed in the Royal Library,” Millist said. “AAS is touching people who
would likely otherwise have no contact with our Church.”