March 6, 2014

Andrews University: All Nursing Graduates Pass Their Board Exams

The Andrews University Department of Nursing has achieved
the outstanding feat of a 100 percent overall board pass rate for the class of

Nursing students are required to take the National
Certified Licensure Examination (NCLEX) after graduation to receive their
nursing license. Students in nursing programs and schools must reach a specific
pass rate on the NCLEX each year in order for the programs to maintain state
approval and accreditation for functioning as a nursing program. 

Every three years, the examination is updated to
current nursing standards. The most recent change occurred in April 2013 when
nursing programs and schools were warned by the National Council of State Boards
of Nursing (NSBSN) that the next exam would be the most difficult NCLEX to
date. Schools were expected to have an approximate 4­5 percent drop in their
board pass rate.

While the initial data collected in the summer of
2013 revealed that national board pass rates dropped approximately 9 percent
instead of the projected 4­5 percent, this was not the case with Andrews

Last spring, a total of 15 students graduated
from the Andrews nursing program, 14 of whom have completed the NCLEX
examination and passed on their first attempt. One student has yet to take the

”We at the Andrews University Department of
Nursing are so pleased and excited that God continues to answer our prayers,”
says Karen Allen, nursing department chair. “Our students are doing well and we
are confident and happy to be sending them out to serve the world.”