February 28, 2014

​Newbold College to Undergo "Regeneration"

The Newbold College of Higher Education Board of
Governors voted on February 10 to regenerate the college over the next 18

The "regeneration model" calls for an estimated
increase of 100 full-time equivalent students over the next two academic
years. Bertil Wiklander, Trans-European Division (TED) president and
board chair, recently announced the project to board members and staff.

"There will be no significant reduction in the total number
of staff, operational costs and appropriations, but intentional staffing
realignment for growth and effective marketing and recruitment efforts are
needed to achieve ambitious targets," added Wiklander.

Newbold principal and Board secretary Phillip Brown said a
key part of the initiative includes the establishment of a Centre for Christian
Leadership. "The college will be working closely with the British Union
(BUC) and South England Conference leadership teams to plan continuing
professional development opportunities for pastors, elders, and other ministry
leaders as well as training programs for lay members and young people who want
to strengthen their skills to serve and support their church.” he said.

The college is also looking to expand its partnerships with
union seminaries in Poland, Hungary, Croatia, and Serbia, and to offer
field-based theology degrees in the Baltic region of Europe.

A new development this summer will be the introduction of a
Certificate in Health and Wellness on the Newbold campus during mid-July and
early August. Modules include: Health Principles, Fit for Life, Nutrition,
Personal Fitness Plan, and Consumer Health.

"We are fortunate to have secured some of the best
Adventist health and wellness educators internationally to deliver this
program, including Dr Winston Craig, Dr. Jochen Hawlitschek, Dr. Fred Hardinge,
Dominique Wakefield, and Dr. Per de Lange," said Brown. "These
educators will be supported by well-known BUC medical professionals, including
Dr Chidi Ngwaba and Dr Christopher Levy."

"The college is committed to continuing to refine its academic
programs and short courses to deliver a more responsive and effective education
for all stakeholders, with specific focus on ministerial education and training
needs of TED's various fields which include the BUC," Brown concluded.