New Video Series Helps Explain Reformation Themes

Filmed on location in Europe, it will be released on Oct. 5.

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New Video Series Helps Explain Reformation Themes

By: Trans-European Division News & Adventist Review

“And it’s a wrap,” said Dragana Selaković at the end of a final day of filming Reformation Journey, a seven-part social media video series aimed at explaining some of the major themes of the Reformation. The series, produced by the Communication Department of the Trans-European Division church territory, will post its first episode on Oct. 5.

“These are important events that happened 500 years ago,” said Trans-European Division communication director Victor Hulbert, “but we need to make it relevant for today’s world.”

Hulbert said that to help answer that question, he teamed up with Dejan Stojković, a young pastor and youth director who runs his v-blog. His whacky humor, combined with Hulbert’s journalism and the artistic creativity of videographer Selaković, helped make the connection.

“Ask a teenager or young adult about the Reformation and they just kind of look at you blankly,” said Stojković. “I did some research, and they can’t see the point of it.”

Victor Hulbert and Dejan Stojković are the hosts of a new video series that explains the main themes of the Protestant Reformation. [Photo: Trans-European Division News]

Hopefully, that will now change as the duo traveled to key venues in Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Taking the tourist route, they talked to a Waldensian descendant in a mountaintop village, discovered how the reformation celebrations have made an impact even in Rome, learned how “Luther art” in a church in Wittenberg is surprisingly contemporary, and see how even medieval politics could not stop the spread of the Gospel.

Adventist Review Ministries associate editor Andre Brink, in charge of ARTv channel, commended the production. “These videos are amazing,” he said. “Beautiful cinematography, well presented, good storyline, and well executed.”

Hulbert said the journey has been fascinating.

“We met some enthralling experts,” he said. “I have to admit, however, that learning more about Martin Luther and his combination of conscience, Scripture, and reason really moved me.”

Stojković seconded.

“When I see what these guys went through just to own or translate the Bible, the risks they took—it makes me think this is something I simply cannot take for granted,” he said. “I hope that message gets through to our audience as well.”

Episode One (available on October 5) is entitled “A Massacre in Paradise.”

The rest of the episodes will be released through October and November with the following titles:

  • A Rebel Restored (Martin Luther in Rome)
  • Tricky Situations (On Henry VIII, politics and the Reformation)
  • Keep Asking the Questions (About faith and martyrs in Oxford)
  • Understanding Luther (How one painting makes Luther’s faith understandable)
  • Here I stand! (A combination of conscience, Scripture, and reason make for a life-changing choice)
  • Found in Translation (The joy of Scripture through a multitude of Bible translations)

To view this series on ARTv, click HERE.

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