January 5, 2016

New TV Show Shares Adventist Secrets of Living Longer

o you want to live 10 years longer than the average American?

Loma Linda University Health, the organization whose ground-breaking research found that Adventists in Loma Linda have an edge on longevity, is releasing 14 short television programs showing you how.

“Our researchers have been studying lifestyle habits in Adventists for half a century,” Loma Linda University Health said in a statement. “Now it’s time to share their secrets of longevity with the world.”

The first episode of “Live It” highlights university research that reversed health advice from the American Heart Association that people should avoid nuts because of their high fat content.

Joan Sabaté, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Loma Linda University, shares in the episode how his research discovered that eating a handful of nuts a day lowers cholesterol by 10 percent and cuts a person’s risk of a heart attack in half.

“Nuts” debuted on YouTube on Jan. 1, and the second episode, “Reusable Grocery Bags,” will premiere on Jan. 8. Subsequent episodes will be released every Friday through April 1 and cover topics such as pomegranates, standing, laughter, and the vegetarian diet.

Each episode ranges from two to three minutes in length and is presented by a physician and journalist. Each also includes sound bites from the main researcher on each topic as well as animation to visually exemplify the subject matter.

“No other online health show focuses on longevity,” said Cosmin Cosma, director of advancement films at Loma Linda University Health. “Simply put, Loma Linda University Health is a leading organization on wellness and prevention that holds the treasured research findings on this popular subject. Through an easy-to-understand format with animations, the show inspires viewers to ‘Live It.’”

Loma Linda has been featured on National Geographic, Oprah, CNN and other media around the world for its Adventist population, who live nearly a decade longer than the average American. The longevity of the Adventists was first documented by Loma Linda University Health in its Adventist Health Studies. 

“Nuts,” the premiere episode of Loma Linda University Health’s new television series, “Live It.”