March 27, 2014

New Conference President in Minnesota

BY JEFF WINES, communication director for the Minnesota Conference

Lemon, president of the Mid-America Union, announced Thursday that Justin
Lyons, vice president for administration of the Minnesota Conference, had been
selected by the conference board of trustees to be conference president. Lyons
replaces Ed Barnett, who is now president of the Rocky Mountain Conference
headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

served for four years as the director of Gift Planning and Trust Services prior
to his three years as vice president for administration. He has also pastored
in 10 churches in Minnesota, as well as congregations in the Oregon, and
Washington conferences.

“The Lord has been blessing in Minnesota
through good leadership and I wish to continue in the same upward direction,”
Lyons said. With multiple endeavors having already begun with the North
Star Camp renovations, distance education at Maplewood Academy, and a push for
evangelism in the Twin Cities, Lyons said he is excited for the future. “I
believe that the Lord is at work and we are going to see Him do great things.”