September 8, 2023

‘Mums At The Table’ Honored with a Finalist Nomination

Seventh-day Adventist initiative recognized in the Community Impact Award category.

Adventist Record, and Adventist Review
Mums At The Table was recognized during a September 5 presentation dinner by the Christian Media & Arts Australia Excellence in Media Awards 2023. [Photo: Adventist Record]

A Seventh-day Adventist media ministry has been recently honored with a finalist nomination in the Christian Media & Arts Australia Excellence in Media Awards 2023.

“Mums At The Table” was recognized for its work in supporting mothers through its partnerships with local Seventh-day Adventist churches. The initiative was nominated in the “Community Impact Award” category, which was ultimately won by “Water for Africa,” an initiative of Sonshine 98.5 FM. The Excellence in Media Awards presentation took place September 5 on the Gold Coast.

“It’s such an honor to be a finalist in an award with other organizations such as Compassion Australia and Vision Christian Media,” Melody Tan, project manager of Mums At The Table, said. “The only reason Mums At The Table is a finalist is … the great work and sacrifices our volunteer moderators have made to support mothers in their local communities. We stand on the shoulder of these giants.”

Working with volunteer moderators from local churches, Mums At The Table organizes in-person events to connect with community mothers. The ministry also shares parenting information on digital media.

Through Mums At The Table events, mothers who would normally have been isolated and without community networks have found a village not only to raise their children but for themselves as well. Not only that, but through this village they have also had the opportunity to connect with the local church in their area, leaders behind the initiative said.

In 2022, Mums At The Table local groups organized more than 200 in-person meet-up events and playgroups. Each of these events were attended by an average of five community mothers.

Currently, 20 Mums At The Table groups have formed in Australia and New Zealand, moderated by 51 church members, representing 24 local Adventist churches. Depending on the moderators’ availability, local events — or meet-ups — range from weekly playgroups to playground and café catch-ups or even dessert nights.

The initiative includes a website with articles of interest to mothers raising little children. The page, updated periodically, includes titles such as “Six Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Dream Big,” “Seven Issues Our Boys Face Today and How to Help Them,” “Why I’m Fine with My Son Playing with Dolls,” and “Night Terrors in Children: What You Can Do.”

Mothers can also sign up to receive personalized articles from experts and wellness inspiration weekly, try some healthy vegetarian recipes, and look for more information about areas such as home and garden, love and marriage, and work and money, among others.

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